The Festival Experience with... Razorlight

Henry Lewis caught up with Razorlight drummer Skully to talk about festival first timers, indie anthems and plenty more ahead of Hope and Glory Festival this weekend.

Henry Lewis

Last updated: 2nd Aug 2017

Image: Razorlight (credit)

There's no doubting that Razorlight were one of the key members in the alternative domination of UK music that saturated this nation's culture during the mid to late '00s.

What started with the huge success of New Yorkers The Strokes, followed with a gang of tight jean wearing, leather jacketed guitar spankers who were a constant feature in the charts, and seemingly everywhere else too.

Pete Doherty and Kate Moss were a paparazzi's dream, the NME had never been more relevant and indie bands were regularly played on our radios and were seemingly always on our T.Vs too.

With 2004 record Up All Night peaking at number three, Johnny Borrell and co made a solid impression with their debut attempt and returned two years later with their self titled second album. 

Within a week it scored the band a number one record, with Q Magazine giving it a rare 5/5 rating, calling it "The best guitar album since Oasis's 'Definitely Maybe", whilst the likes of 'America' and 'Before I Fall To Pieces' were big hitters in the singles charts.

A third album, Slipway Fires followed in 2008, with New Yorker David Sullivan Kaplan aka Skully, taking over drumming duties, however it's been a long wait for new material since then, although the band have been regular features at festivals summer after summer, delivering triumphant sets across the country.

This weekend sees Razorlight take on new Liverpool festival Hope & Glory, which comes to St. Georges Quarter with a bill that includes James, Ocean Colour Scene, The Pigeon Detectives and more (see the full Hope and Glory line up). 

Ahead of this show we spoke to aforementioned drummer Skully about Razorlight's festival experiences. 

Hey Skully - how are you, how has festival season 2017 been so far?

Hi, I'm great thanks!  Festival season has been a blast, it's always an incredible experience doing what you love in front of thousands of people who are connecting with you.  The exchange of energy back and forth is the best. 

Which track gets the biggest reaction at festival shows?  

'Before I Fall To Pieces', 'Golden Touch' and of course ‘America' too. 

What would be your advice for people going to their first festival..?

Go see something you've never heard of and don't know what it is. One of the best things about festivals is the variety of acts, and your exposure to ideas outside of your line of vision. Bring wet wipes and wellies too!

What is the most memorable moment you’ve had at a festival as a band? 

Oh man, there have been a few...naked stage invaders, dodging projectile bottles of piss, torrential thunderstorms, flying to the wrong airport and getting to stage seconds before you're due on, stage divers missing a jump and crashing into barricades. It can get messy out there.

Which of the new crop of bands are likely to be future headliners of say, Leeds, Reading, Glastonbury etc..? 

I would say Nothing But Thieves, Slaves, Temples, Wolf Alice, Puma Rose and Flyte. It's a long and ever changing list.

You’re on a bill of indie icons at Hope and Glory in Liverpool including James and Ocean Colour Scene, were these bands you were into growing up? 

Yes a bit, but I'm from the USA, and those bands didn't quite have the same connection as they had here. Nonetheless, it's a great bill, and we're super excited to play.

How close to releasing new music are Razorlight?   

Very close. This year. We'll be playing some live at the show. 

Razorlight play at Hope and Glory Festival in Liverpool, find Hope and Glory tickets below.

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