Snapshot: Palace 'Chase The Light' EP

We gain an insight into Palace's imminent 'Chase The Light' EP out on June 8th via Fiction Records.

Ben Smith

Date published: 3rd Jun 2015

Image: Palace 

Palace are a four-piece from London, presently working within the borders of dreamy eclecticism transmitted through lax guitar lines and caressing vocals. With the sensational Lost In The Night EP already to their name, the band are unknowingly mastering the art of keeping the punters wanting more, and we're tracking their every move until an album finally hits the stalls.

In the meantime, the upcoming Chase The Light EP forges their next steps, and when we were first introduced to 'Kiloran' below, we were certain it'd be their best record yet. In excruciating wait of its unshackling, we caught up with frontman Leo Wyndham to find out more about the release.

What does the EP represent?

Our second EP represents our development as a band really. It's only our second ever EP and I feel it's a more impressive body of work. It represents our progression musically, but also remains very much a Palace sound. It represents Palace in the present, how we feel and how our music seems to manifest itself, with lots of variation and range.

Where does it stand musically?

It's big, epic and ethereal - but also has it's more tender moments, as heard on 'Chase In The Night' and 'Settle Down (stream both below)'. It's very much guitar music, a modern sound with a vintage twist.

Pick out a lyric from the EP? 

"Devotion to our blood. An Ocean my feelings flood. Isabel, you know me well, I've given hell. But we shall dwell beyond the knell our time will tell.” [Settle Down]

Favourite song to perform?

There's a new track of ours called 'So Long Forever,' which is huge. It'll be on our album for sure when that comes out. We just think it's super cool and when performed live it really gets people going. It's really upbeat and 'thumpy.'

'Head Above The Water' is also incredibly cool to play live. The outro is ridiculously big.

Tell us something we wouldn't know about it (and the band I guess)? 

- Rupert is black belt in Ju Jitsu.

- Matt was the second fastest 400 metre runner in England aged 16.

- Will runs his own Reggae label.

- I once met Vanilla Ice.

We also rehearse in an incredible space in Tottenham, a converted warehouse where many great musician friends of ours live and practice. We're lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing musicians and completely embedded in a kind of musical commune.

It's pretty rare to find in London and costs us next to nothing to practice in. It's a very special place and something that's pretty important to our development and recording process.

Thanks guys, we can't wait!

Palace 'Chase The Light' is out Monday 8th June via Rough Trade.

Upcoming festival dates:

3rd July – Blissfields, Winchester

19th July – Beat-Herder, Lancashire

24th July – Deer Shed Festival, Yorkshire

1st August – Kendal Calling, Cumbria

10th September - Bestival, Isle of Wight