Ridney: There's something very 90's rave about DJing from a bus

We catch up with Southampton based DJ and house producer Ridney ahead of a jam packed summer season.

Mike Warburton

Date published: 12th Jun 2013

Winner of Radio One's hugely coveted 'Essential New Tune' award three times - Ridney is a producer and DJ that has worked with some of the biggest record labels and DJed at some of the most prestigious clubs across Europe.

We catch up with him ahead of his appearance at Blissfields to find out what makes him tick.

How did you get into dance music? Who would you consider your influences to be? 

I originally discovered dance music via my Auntie Julia, who (when I was really small) used to play me Ultravox's "All Stood Still" from the album Vienna. I got so obsessed by that record, I remember marching my parents up to our local WH Smiths to get me a copy on 7" vinyl, I guess I was only about 5 or 6 then!

In my early teens I discovered acid house & rave, DJs like Slipmatt, Vinylgroover, Hixxy and then started to find House Music. I was immediately buying up imported house music from the US from our local record store. I got completely hooked on Daft Punk's "Homework" album, Thomas Bangalter (especially) with his Roule label was one of the main reasons I wanted to start making music back in 2000.

 What was the first record you bought?

Ultravox "All Stood Still" (still have it somewhere!)

What can we look forward to with your gig at Blissfields?

 Blissfields have let me DJ on their open top double decker bus for the past couple of years and its a great way to perform lots of new music. The crowd are amazing and always interested both brand new tracks and stuff they know.

I wrote my track "It's Over" especially for Blissfields... Fast forward a year and it's just been released on Great Stuff!

Is there something special about playing to your home crowd?

Of course! You see lots of people you know, so its great to catch up and geek out about music, and equally you're given the freedom to do musically whatever you want, and the crowd respond so well. There's still something very 90's rave about DJing from a bus to a field full of people!

Tell us about ‘It’s Over’ - how has the single gone down?

"Its Over" was a riff that came out of nowhere really. I was sat in my home studio just trying some chords. I had Ableton recording, played the riff and that was it!

I kept coming back to the riff so I knew there was something there. It was almost exactly a year ago it was finished and had it's premier at Blissfields 2012! The track has gone down really well and gets a good reaction. I think it fits more around some of my previous singles - like "Arrivals". I'm personally really into the Talul remix which I've been playing loads in my DJ sets!

The tune has a distinct summery vibe - was this a purposeful move for the coming months or a happy coincidence?

Again, written in June its always going to be influenced by what I'm thinking of. Most of the tracks I write in May & June have me visualising gigs in Ibiza!

Listen: Ridney @ Beach Disco, Cafe Savannah

What is your schedule like this summer? Will you be returning to Ibiza?

I've just got back from Ibiza, where I played the Beach Disco launch at Savannahs, we also kicked off a monthly Extra Dry party at Hush. I played at Kanya for the first time in a few years and will be returning to Cafe Mambo for a residency with YoVersion's John Jones. I've also been in the studio for the first time in Ibiza too, currently working on an amazing collaboration with Ben Santiago & The Lovely Laura.

This weekend just gone I just played the Bestival boat party alongside Duke Dumont, I'll then be performing with Terri Walker (our track "Missing You" with Artful) at the Orange Rooms in Southampton on 21st June, then onto Blissfields and the week after I'll be at Ministry of Sound in London! Then it's back to Ibiza!

Where have been your favourite places to play over the years?

Two really stick out for me, Ushuaia in Ibiza for the Defected Closing Party. I was luckily enough to have my parents, brother & wife there so not only did they all get to see me perform, they also got to see Junior Jack & Kid Creme drop my track "Forever" to a completely packed crowd!

The other would be Ministry of Sound's main room for Size Matters, alongside AN21 & Max Vangeli. That main room is something else!!

Top 5 tunes at the moment?

1. Ridney "It's Over" (Talul Remix)

2. Touch Sensitive & Anna Lunoe "Real Talk" (Cassian Remix)

3. Nora En Pure "Come With Me"

4. Daft Punk "Giorgio By Moroder"

5. Artful & Ridney ft. Terri Walker "Missing You" (Ridney Re-work)

Watch: Artful & Ridney ft. Terri Walker "Missing You" (Ridney Re-work)

What do you do in between music? Do you have any other passions?

At the moment, I've been focusing a lot of time on my Extra Dry record label, finding new music and releasing my own collaborations/productions.
I also love spending time with family & friends. I'm a huge Southampton FC fan so you can often find me down St Mary's for home games.

Finally, If you weren’t a DJ or Producer, what would you be?

I'd love to be the guy who compiles the Book of Hit Singles, or something geeky to do with music, sample spotting and stats, or maybe some kind of Daft Punk biographer...

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