Nothing But Thieves interview: Milky Golden Number One Hits

Ahead of their sell-out tour, Tyler Marriott spoke to Nothing But Thieves front man Conor Mason about their self-titled album, inspiring music around them, rock music conformity and more.

Ben Smith

Date published: 21st Oct 2015

Image Nothing But Thieves 

Southend's Nothing But Thieves have finally reached the career milestone of releasing their all important self-titled debut album.

Written two years ago and recorded in-between Angelic Studio, Little Drummer Boy and Hits & Arts Studio, Nothing But Thieves: consisting of Conor Mason (vocals), Joe Langridge-Brown (guitar), Dom Craik (guitar), Phillip Blake (bass) and James Price (drums) have been relentlessly working hard to perfect the sound we hear today.

Singles like 'Trip Switch' (listen below) and 'Ban All The Music' are propelling the album to what looks to be one of the biggest and most innovative releases of 2015.

After tours with Twin Atlantic, Darlia and a musical expedition to America, they are now embarking on a sell out tour and look set to be the busiest band of not only the rest of 2015, but high on the agenda of festivals a plenty next year as mainstream attention veers their way.

Keen to speak to a band riding high in the UK charts who were not so long back practicing in garages, Tyler Marriott spoke to front man Conor Mason about their self-titled debut, inspiring others around them and more.

You have been in bands since you were 12 years old, how does it feel to have finally released a debut album?

It feels unreal, if I'm honest, I can't really believe we have a full length album on a major record label out.

You recently described a song you were writing like riding a golden tiger naked as you sang. In the same metaphorical essence, how would you collectively describe your debut album?

Like milking a golden cow and eveything that comes out of the udders is milky golden number one hits. A bucket of golden music. 

How influential was Cenzo Townshend (mixer) towards the final end product of your album?

We had a couple mixers for different areas of our sound which both worked perfectly! 

Apparently, Nothing But Thieves have inspired a host of musicians/bands from Essex to emulate your sound. Is it important for the band to produce music that inspires others?

That was one of the best things I'd ever heard when I was told that by my Essex friends. To influence young bands is so important; we try and create music that has no boundaries and pushes us as artists, I'm proud that inspires people.

What was the biggest lesson you learnt whilst in America?

How to actually structure a song. We learnt the craft of songwriting but didn't use any of the songs we wrote out there. Came back and wrote the first EP.

Verging on a sell-out tour, do you believe the band are embarking to a new level?

I guess so. We’re not worried about it, it grows at a rate it wants to grow and we're just embracing it as it does so.

In rock music, do you believe there is pressure to look a certain way or even act a certain way for that matter, and does this having any affect on you?

It's one of the things I actually can't stand: the bullshit of 'looking rockstar' and 'acting rockstar'. We actively act ourselves and if people get along with that, then great.

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