New Year's Eve Ideas if you're single

Kick off the new year in the best way possible with these New Year’s Eve ideas for singles.

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Last updated: 17th Nov 2023

New Year is one of the most hectic times of the party calendar, with a frenzied atmosphere oozing out of every venue in the country, and all your mates incessantly asking you what your plans are. This can be especially challenging for the singles amongst you. Whilst everyone enjoys a good night out, New Year’s celebrations can often feel forced for single people, who may just want a nice night in; but all their mates are either going out or doing just that with their partners. 

Well, singles don’t worry, here at Skiddle we understand the pain, so we have put together a comprehensive list of all the ways in which you can enjoy the New Year whilst single. Whether it's biting the bullet and going out even though you may not fancy it, going solo and carving your own path, or just leaning into not doing much and having a laidback start to the year.

Whatever your vibe we’ve got you covered, so scroll down and start planning for the big day, because no one wants to leave it to the last minute!



Go out with your pals

First and foremost, the most obvious thing to do is corral a group of your mates, whether they're single as well or not, and go on a big night out so you can dance away any intrusive feelings and end the year in pure ecstasy. 

For us, if this is the option, you’ve gotta go big, especially if this wouldn't be your first choice. There's a multitude of New Year events that just don’t get the juices flowing in the way a big event would, and many of these smaller ones are just rooms in bars and pubs that are oversold and impossible to get a drink. Well, if you attend one of these two events we have hand-picked, boredom won't be a problem. 


The Warehouse Project season is nationally notorious for being a boogie of bonkers proportions, and when their New Year party comes around it'll be absolutely no different. Plus, with names like Rudimental, DJ EZ, Sammy Virji, Girls Don't Sync, and Hannah Wants on the bill. It's gonna be a wicked way to see yourself into 2024, and you’ll be able to leave all inhibitions at the door. 


Tickets for WHP 23 - New Years Eve

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If your nights out look less like a pretty two-step and more like a sweaty skank, then we already know that, even if you’re single, there's probably no way you're staying indoors at the turn of the year. If this sounds like you, then this DnB Allstars event in Bristol, headlined by the legends that are Kanine and Mozey, will be the place for your gun fingers to shoot you into the New Year. Who knows, you may even find a skanking partner.


Tickets for DnB Allstars: NYE Bristol 30hz w/ Kanine & Mozey

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Throw your own party

Yet, whilst all this going out malarkey is all well and good, for a lot of people, it’s just not what they want to do on New Year's Eve. Many just want to spend time with friends, in a place they can chill and chat, where it is just them. 

So, especially if you’re single and have no plans, throw your own get-together! We all know that no one wants the put their own gaff up for a party, but will jump at the chance of someone else doing it, so take that step and throw your own little shindig. 

Get the snacks out, tell everyone to bring a load of booze and count down to the TV with all your pals in the comfort of your own home, It sounds pretty great to us. 




Go on a solo adventure

If you’re a bit more extroverted than most, then one option for you could be a solo adventure. Whether you go out in a new town and make mates, take a holiday abroad, or just go into town on your tod, it's certainly a bold move, but one that could make for a lifetime of stories to tell. 

The best idea we’ve got for this is this boat party in London. Here, there will be small numbers and it's going to be the same people all night so there are no excuses for you not to make mates, especially if you nodded at that extrovert comment. Check it out below!

Tickets for New Year's Eve Boat party

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Spend it with the family

You’ll have countless New Years in your lifetime, and whilst you may be young and want to make the most of it with people your age, we can guarantee that your family will be much more appreciative to have you there if they are still in your life. 

Everyone remembers the New Years of their childhood, all at home, cuddled around the Telly, watching Jools Hollands' Hootenanny and the festivities at the London Eye unfold. So why not grab that nostalgia by the scruff of the neck and go and see the folks?





Try your luck with a last-minute speed date

If you’re a single that is really just clamouring for a relationship, and none of these ideas can quell your need for someone to share that New Year's kiss with, then the only place that we can really suggest you go is to some last-minute NYE speed dating. 

Speed Dating events like Fast Love, Speed Dater, and Slow Dating all have a vast array of events on sale on Skiddle, up and down the country, with some soon to be announced for the New Year.

At many of these events, you meet up, find a companion, and you can either head off into the night or stay at the venue, which will be yours for the rest of the night; we reckon if it’s going to happen for you anywhere it's here. 




Go Local

If you’re feeling a bit lonely as a single in the New Year, then why not head over to your nearest local pub, who knows who you might see in there, you may end up catching up with some mates from high school, or maybe even an old flame. 

Whilst it's probably an understated end to the year, it definitely won't be an uneventful one. Plus, it'll be a quick walk home after the clock strikes twelve and you've finished up boozing. No overpriced New Year taxis for you!




Have an early night and start the new year with a fresh mind

Then, if all else fails, and none of the above is appealing to you, then why not just cook yourself a nice meal, put a film on and go to bed before midnight, as what better way to start the new year than with a nice rest and a fresh mind free of alcohol. You’ll save yourself a bit of money at the same time, and really, it happens every year, so you’ll have more opportunities to catch up. 




Whatever you singles fancy doing to see off 2023, there's so much on offer this New Year's Eve on Skiddle, so if you want to find out more you can see all the best events, all in one place, by clicking or tapping - HERE




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