Limmy uploads techno version of the Star Wars theme tune

Listen to Limmy's huge techno take on the Star Wars theme tune.

Jimmy Coultas

Date published: 23rd Oct 2015

Image: Limmy 

Limmy, the undisputed king of outlandish humour, has graced us with another mirth drenched crunching techno banger. From Linkin Park to Ace Of Spaces, Limmy has decked some of our great musical treasures out for a club space. Next up to get shoved into his laptop is Star Wars, casting the Sci-fi franchise' theme into his signature mould. Listen below.

As far as we're concerned he's as much a part of the Glaswegian techno folklore as the likes of Gary Beck and Slam, so kickstart your weekend with his donked up to fuck galaxy voyager. 

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