For the Love of the Force - An Independent Star Wars Fan Convention

Friday 4th December 2015

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In a galaxy not so far away….Trafford Park Manchester……


After half a year of hard work and planning, we are now less than three months away from the big weekender. Things are really taking shape now, the FLF team are excited and honoured to be bringing you the biggest independent fan celebration ever! 

21k people will visit the BEC arena over 3 days. You will be subject to the most exhilarating experience of your life, for any true Star Wars fanatic this is a must. As Star Wars fans we unite and join together in celebrating our love for the worlds greatest movie's.

A Star Wars convention brought to you by true Star Wars fans, for true Star Wars fans. For clarity we are not an official Star Wars convention and it is not authorised by or connected with Lucasfilm, we are a fans fan convention.

As we begin the countdown we will be posting regular pictures of the props and up to date information on the attractions and schedule.

As we come closer to the event, a full itinery will be published for you to plan your day accordingly. Floor plans of the venue are being drawn up next week which will be posted online so you know what to expect during your visit.



We are excited to announce that on Saturday 5th December we will be hosting an official afterparty between 11.15pm – 4am.

This is for over 18s only, and Star Wars fancy dress is preferred, but is not a strict requirement. Join us in the most surreal setting for a theatrical music extravaganza.

In Tatooine you will be wooed by a Darth Vader live DJ set, with Stormtroopers invading the dance floor. 3D mapping and light attractions will make this an unforgettable experience.

Party with Jabba in his palace with dancers and live music.

In Alderaan you will witness the most spectacular laser and light shows, this arena houses all the main props from the convention. Live on stage we will have some of Manchesters finest bands including the Manchester SKA Foundation in “SKA Wars” More bands TBC.

VIP ticket holders will be able to party in the Cantina, with a live performance from the Cantina band. VIP tickets are limited to 300 only.

For the afterparty you have to purchase separate tickets, they are not included in any of the daytime VIP tickets. You do not need to attend the convention in the daytime to purchase tickets for the afterparty. To buy click here:

We are also very excited to announce and offer, the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Alan Ruscoe, the actor who played Bib Fortuna in the Phantom Menace, in full make up which will be applied by Shaune Harrison, who applied the make up in Episode one and two. 

This has never been done before, and is unlikely to ever be done again. This added attraction will feature on Friday only. But don’t worry, Alan will be there all weekend to sign autographs and meet you.

And lastly we are honoured to announce that the Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra ( have been hired in for all 3 days and sessions, to play iconic music from the films.



Visitors will have the unique opportunity to meet special guests from the Star Wars movies, and get upfront and personal with their heroes, for autographs and photos. DARTH VADER (David Prowse), will be one among many. Over the course of the three days visitors will get the chance to meet scores of actors from the film, more are announced on a weekly basis on our site

A full size SCOUT WALKER towering nearly 7 metres in height will be a centrepiece attraction, in our ENDOR BATTLE scene. As you enter the main arena through the bunker door, you will be confronted by the giant armoured vehicle with its cannons pointing straight at you. Superb photo opportunity not to be missed.

Walk around the legs of this mammoth structure for an upfront and personal experience never to be forgotten. For all the latest news on project scout walker visit our Facebook fan page

Attention to detail is paramount; the walker is being made with highly detailed reference photos of the original ILM model from Return Of The Jedi. Every detail will be exact from the structure to the painting.

A full size X-WING is also to be constructed. We will be assembling the most famous of all the X-wings, Luke Skywalker’s RED 5. At 39 ft. long and towering over 8ft off the ground, this will be truly magnificent and one of a kind.

Again we are working from highly detailed ILM reference photos of the original models used in the film, and blueprints.

VIP ticket holders will get the chance to climb into the cockpit for the photo opportunity of a lifetime. Standard ticket holders can also pay a one off charge to climb in the cockpit for a photo opportunity. VIP ticket holders are given priority.

The MOS EISLEY CANTINA is a dimly-lit tavern known for its strong drinks, crazy music, and often outbreaks of violence. Most pilots visiting Tatooine spend their downtime in the cantina, making it an ideal spot to hire a star ship’s crew

We have recreated this famous cantina in all its glory, with all the cantina creatures and band. We will be serving blue milk cocktails and alcohol to VIP ticket holders, standard ticket holders can pay extra on the day to visit the set, VIP ticket holders will have priority. Photo opportunity of a lifetime with a dead Greedo in a booth, as you take up Han Solo’s seat and blaster!

JABBA THE HUTT was one of the galaxy’s most powerful gangsters, with far-reaching influence in both politics and the criminal underworld. JABBA’S PALACE is one of our star attractions. We are custom making a full size puppet, built to specification with moving tail, arms, tongue, and moving/blinking eyes including SALACIOUS CRUMB. This will be one of a kind in the UK, some of the people building this are the same people who worked on the original puppet in the movie. Girls will also get the chance for a photo opportunity where they can be tied to Jabba on a chain.

Our EWOK VILLAGE will be the biggest village of its kind built in the UK, to scale and to size, all elevated 12ft in the air. VIP tickets can gain access to the upper tiers. Standard ticket holders can pay to enter on the day. Priority is given to VIP ticket holders.

The DAGOBAH SYSTEM was a star system that contained the swamp-covered planet of Dagobah. In his final years, the former Grand Master of the Jedi Order Yoda called the Dagobah system his home. Visit master Yoda in his natural surroundings, but beware of snakes and other alien swamp creatures!

Jump into HYPERSPACE for an amazing photo opportunity. Seat yourself in the Millennium Falcon cockpit, hit the button and away you go at the speed of light, captured on camera!

A JEDI TRAINING SCHOOL will be held by Andrew Lawden, who trained as a Jedi for Star Wars – Episode 1 – as a stunt double for Liam Neeson. Here he will teach the younglings how to use a lightsabre like a Jedi. Your child will leave the training with the powers of the force, and will receive a certificate authenticating his knowledge and new found powers.


The ORCHESTRA that will be playing will be the Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra


EXHIBITIONS and PROPS AREA dedicated to Droids, Storm Troopers, Han Solo in carbonite, Ewoks, speeder bikes and much more.

MINITURE STAR WARS VILLAGE including detailed scenes from the original films. 7 scens in total will be on display.

LASER and LIGHT SHOWS, along with an LED WALL showing Star Wars scenes on a screen bigger than any you have ever seen before!

Visitors will also be treated to an array of STAR WARS STALLS, containing Star Wars merchandise. Vintage toy stands, and a Forbidden planet toy shop selling all the latest toys from the film will also be present, alongside food outlets and more.

STORMTROOPER GARRISONS from the Sentinal Squad UK and 99th, will be trooping the event for their nominated charities. Another great photo opportunity.

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