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Flying Lotus Spotify Playlist

Ahead of his arrival on British soil in April, we've put together a Spotify playlist capturing some of Flylo's finest works. Give it a listen, here.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 14th Jan 2015

Photo: Flying Lotus / Credit: The Super Slice

Isn't it great when an album lives up to its hype? So many times we're left disappointed or deflated when a record, built up to breaking point by music journos arrives, falls way short of what our minds have prepared for.

However, in the case of Flying Lotus' latest longplayer You're Dead!, any amount of praise still doesn't quite fit the magnitude of the record.

Ahead of his arrival in both Manchester and London in April, we thought we'd revisit some of our favourite FlyLo moments. With five albums now under his belt, as well as a wealth of EPs, remixes and singles, all drenched in avant-garde quality, this proved to be a tougher task than most. Hear our efforts below.

Kicking off with the gorgeous '1983' from his debut LP of the same name, the playlist meanders through the dark and twisted DMT inspired sonic netherworld of Steven Ellison, taking in creepy tribal workouts like 'Melt!', vocal lead LA Beat cornerstones like 'Tea Leaf Dancers', a couple of Thom Yorke collabs and of course the killer hip hop of 'Never Catch Me' with rap don Kendrick Lamar.

Ending with the ethereal beauty of his and Laura Darlington's (Daedelus' wife and muse no less) 'Unexpected Delight', we think this playlist captures the finest moments of Ellison's unparalleled sonic canon. Get it in your ears.

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