Five For The Funk: The Squatters five favourite bass lines

This time around, Five For The Funk summons The Squatters who let us in on their five favourite bass lines.

Mike Warburton

Last updated: 25th Mar 2015.
Originally published: 17th Mar 2015

Image: The Squatters

Having played in some of the world's biggest clubs and enjoyed unrivalled success across the board, dynamic twosome The Squatters have etched themselves firmly into electronic folklore over the past decade.

Through drawing from a melting pot of sounds spanning old skool hip hop to house, Oliver Portamento and Alex Powell have carved out an unparalleled big room sound that's able to decimate the dance floor wherever they land.

With multiple large scale appearances looming, including at the mammoth S2S festival and Tidy's 20th Birthday Weekender, we exercised the funk to uncover their five favourite bass lines that never cease to deliver a knock out blow.   

Robb. G '12 Inch Therapy' (Bass Kleph Mix)

It's the oldest track out of our picks but such a great track and still rocks our floors when we dust if off. We used to start our sets in early 2008 with this and it’s never failed us, hence why it’s number on our bass chart. Also a big shout out to Robb G who recently hung his headphones up to further his life’s next exciting chapter.

Stanton Warriors 'Beat Goes On' (Skapes Remix)

This one is from the long-consistent bass’n’breaks gods the Stanton Warriors.  Got to love the dark warbs and bass in this one, our most recent choice of bass tracks.  

The Skapes remix is our bass heavy choice, many people don't know who he is but trust us, he is also a legend. We support most of his tracks on our monthly show.

GotSome 'Vibe Out' (Ft. Wiley) 

We’re going all urban on this choice with some 'rezzy' bass from GotSome and Wiley. It’s very different from most tracks with its urban flavours and it breaks up our shows but importantly, keeps the bass bridge going.  Many-a-time we've argued who's going to play this in our sets…  but Oli wins. Hadouken! 

The Squatters 'Afterhours'

So, we genuinely made this with a sheep hide and a computer sampling the kick from a wine bottle trying to create a bass like no other. The track is free and helps get any party started, as you can see in the video of us playing it at Beat-Herder festival. It’s one of those tracks that your best mate’s Mum would love but the neighbours would hate.

My Digital Enemy 'Bassline Soundz'

A release that we thought stepped My Digital Enemy well and truly out of their comfort zone. They delivered this beast of a track with its phat bit-crushed bass and with a drop like the White Cliffs of Dover.  Sometimes when we play this live, people throw kittens at walls it’s just that potent. It goes off like Stilton. 

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