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Festival Fashion: Baked A La Ska

Our festival fashion spotlight moves over to Frank The Skank and Robin Sunflower of Baked A La Ska.

Ben Smith

Last updated: 16th Jun 2015

Image: Baked A La Ska 

We've made it our mission to explore the entirety of the weird world of festival fashion; scaling genre to genre our next point of focus is Ska, and who better to give us the low down on that than celebrated 11-piece Baked A La Ska

Known to many as the flag bearers for Ska in Manchester, Baked A La Ska have frequented big festivals like Kendal Calling with their crew of self proclaimed skanking pranksters and odd balls. 

With an album in the pipeline for the coming months, we first wanted to delve into the world of Baked A La Ska and find out what lines their festival luggage. So we got in touch with Frank the Skank (lead vocals) and Robin Sunflower (Harmonica/Vocals) to find out more. 


What three items of clothing do you take to every festival?

FTS: I never go anywhere without my Gladstone English leather bag made by Acorn. In it I always have clean socks, clean underpants and a Fez.

RS: Patchwork trousers, patchwork jacket, Gore-tex coat.

How much are you influenced by the conditions there; or do you just run with the same style regardless?

FTS:  The weather conditions have never bothered me. I always have two looks both from movies. A character from '12 Angry Men' or an extra from a Marx Brothers Film.

RS:  I'm a same style type guy. Sometimes with the coat, sometimes without. That's as varied as it gets.

Your ultimate fashion icon.. 

FTS: I don't have one. Follow your guts is my best policy.

RS: Ghandi. His choice of clothing was so simple but so deep in meaning - an inspiration - We make sure all our t-shirts, aprons, tea towels, etc for the band come from places where workers are treated well. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting everyone dress up as Ghandi, I certainly don't, but I feel what we wear can say more about us than that which may be obvious such as social standing or tribal identity.

Most expensive item of clothing you have bought? 

FTS: I haven't. 

RS: I haven't bought any clothing other than footwear since 1987. I buy a new pair of rubber walking boots - I am vegan so don't use leather - every few years for about £60. My trainers are always from charity shops or they're like, never new.

What's the item of clothing you're most embarrassed about? (That you'll admit)

FTS: I used to pick up my eldest daughter from her all girl school in a kilt. I think she was the embarrassed one. She is still scarred by it and she's in her thirties.

RS: Patchwork trousers. Every piece has a different story, memory, lesson, constantly changing as new becomes old over years.

Finally you can go on the lash and clothes shopping with any three historical figures with an unlimited budget. Who are you taking and what will you all end up wearing at the end? 

FTS: My shopping buddies would have to be Frank, Sammy and Dean. I could just imagine it, Can't you?

RS: Ghandi, Mahavira (founder of Jainism) Jesus and Jalaram Bapa. I know that's four but I reckon the effect would be worth the extra expenses. I reckon we would all end up wearing the same as when we set off. But with the unlimited budget we could buy good quality high fashion fair trade garments for all the needy of the world.

Thanks guys!

Like this?  Baked Al Ska are throwing an album launch party in Manchester and Liverpool.  









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