Daniel Avery interview: New Energy

Daniel Avery took time out of his East London studio to shed light on his all night long set for 303's third birthday in Liverpool and his mysterious musical future.

Ben Smith

Date published: 28th Apr 2016

Image: Daniel Avery

Since the release of his debut LP Drone Logic in 2013, Phantasy signing Daniel Avery has enjoyed deserved and seemingly limitless momentum as a DJ, showing up regularly with distinctive panache at some of the world's finest festivals and clubs, including his own 'Divided Love' showcases.

He's also become a master of the long form, all night set, weaving together musical trips of pounding techno, psychedelic electro and offbeat grooves (scope his Boiler Room London set below). He'll be delving deep for a seven hour set as part of 303's third birthday, deep within Liverpool's Williamson Tunnels on Saturday May 7th.

Prior to the party, Skiddle caught up with Avery in a brief moment away from his East London studio, to receive a rundown of what we might expect on the night, and into Avery's mysterious, much anticipated musical future.

You’ve played a large number of all-night long sets over the past few years. What’s the appeal? Do you sometimes feel restricted by club and festival sets?

Nah, the best thing about DJing is that it never feels restrictive in any way. The possibilities are endless and that’s what it makes it exciting. Being able to affect the temperature of the room from the very beginning of the night is never less than a rewarding challenge. 

Drone Logic continues to have massive impact. Which cuts from the record are still getting the biggest reaction in the club?

The title track took on a life of its own, as did Rødhåd’s remix. I played Roman Flügel’s remix of 'All I Need' (listen to that below) in Panorama Bar last Sunday afternoon and was reminded that it still feels pretty special. 

Unlike some of your contemporaries known for their all night sets, you’re arguably more direct in creating a specific mood or atmosphere, rather than showcasing the eclecticism of your record collection. How much forward planning do you do, versus the energy you feed off from the crowd?

Eclecticism for the sake of it is fucking boring. I’m not interested in a DJ showing me how many genres they can throw together if there is no relationship between them. For me, the very best DJs are able to draw a line between whatever they play. That’s what DJing is to me. Non-club music can be made to sound as powerful as any techno record if handled in the right way.

In terms of preparation, every set takes work in order for some of those spontaneous decisions to make sense in the course of a night; the energy in the room becomes the most important factor every time. 

What are some of the corners of the record collection you’ve been able to show off before the momentum of the night really starts rolling. Surely this is a prime opportunity to showcase your love of krautrock in particular?

I hear Craig David is back in vogue... 

Since Drone Logic, you’ve moved in a more direct techno direction, featuring artists such as Donato Dozzy and DJ Nobu on your Divided Love lineups. What spirit do you carry over from your earlier work to the influences of these artists?

I actually don’t feel like anything has changed in what I play or represent. Tempos and styles may shift a little over time but I’ve always been a fan of any club music that is rooted in some form of psychedelia. Music in which to get fully lost. That’s the stuff that has always held my attention. Right now feels like a genuinely exciting time for those ideas in the electronic scene. 

Does playing long sets allow you to work in new material. What has been road tested, and if so, when can we expect it to arrive for ourselves?

There’s new music coming for sure. The work-in-progress pile is ten times bigger than it ever has been. Something is happening.

What are the dietary requirements of an all night Daniel Avery set?

A pepperoni pizza just after midnight wouldn’t go amiss, ta. 

Daniel Avery plays all night long for 303's third birthday at Williamson Tunnels, Liverpool on Saturday 7th May - tickets available via the box below

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