Yak at Think Tank in Newcastle review

Tyler Marriott was there to 'Harbour The Feeling' of Yak ripping up Think Tank.

Ben Smith

Date published: 26th Oct 2016

Image: Yak

Yak proved once again to be one of the best rock bands around with a destructive gig at Think Tank, Newcastle. 

The first time North East fans got to see the London three piece was at Independent in Sunderland for Independent Venue Week. Being one of four there, we were met with a young exciting band playing as if the room was full. 

However nearly two years on from that gig, Yak have come a long way. The room being full was the obvious indicator of the bands progression.

The crowds have changed, the singles kept on rolling and a debut album was released, as well as tours with big names. But Yak haven't changed. If anything the music industry has made them even more pent up.

The public feud with The Last Shadow Puppets is an instant example of how the band’s music and relationship with music has yet to steer them away from the core of their roots.

The Newcastle crowd displayed a similar pent up aggression when going into frenzy of fits for songs such as ‘Hungry Heart’ and ‘Harbour The Feeling’ (listen above).

Yak proved they're a band in the now, creating only live music. Whether it'll be in a studio or in front of a crowd, the three piece are what you see at that current time. This derives from the sense of ease the band give themselves, they're on the edge of music, bathing in what used to be a given in music, and by that I mean a band plays because they wanted to play.

They play not knowing whether they'll play again or make a record again, which makes you do everything to keep that train going while enjoying it and not worrying about pleasing the men at the back, but more of the fans at the front.

Because, at the end of the day, if it all goes tits up, lead singer Oli Burslem could go back to selling antiques. Now that would be a lost opportunity on rock n roll's behalf.

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