Skiddle's Future Headliners: Bad Boy Chiller Crew

We get to grips with Bad Boy Chiller Crew who have future headliners written all over them.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 14th Jun 2022

Skiddle's Future Headliners is a new feature where we bring you a selection of artists throughout the Summer who we believe are destined for greater things. Whilst you may have heard their names before, they may not yet have headlined some of the major festivals but are very much on their way towards doing so.

From upcoming DJs to brilliant bands and rappers, we're placing our bets on these artists reaching greatness in the future. Our first selection is from West Yorkshire with a group of lads who definitely don't take themselves too seriously, Bad Boy Chiller Crew. Yes, the sounds coming from Bradford right now are all about Bassline.

Starting out by posting prank videos on social media, the trio of Gareth Kelly, Kane Welsh and Clive (Sam) Robinson have forged a career through having a laugh. Each member of the group differs slightly in personality yet maintains the same humour all around, there's no doubt that personality is a huge pull into the world of Bad Boy Chiller Crew.

They're so entertaining that they've already had their own documentary show on ITV2, where they were followed around during the creation of their February 2022 album Disrespectful. It showed their less than glamorous tour life, their first festival appearances and took us behind the scenes of all things Bad Boy Chiller Crew. Yet it showed a group who are humbled to be in the position of success that they've found themselves.

Disrespectful gained a chart position of an impressive #2, only beaten by Ed Sheeran and their single BMW peaked at #7. Not bad at all for the boys from Bradford who wear their home proudly on their sleeves. It feels like a long time since Bradford has had something to shout about, with it often suffering from poor funding and a derisory reputation from the rest of the UK.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew proudly come from a working-class background and they epitomise the Yorkshire attitude to having a laugh as often as you can. If you've had the privilege of seeing a Bad Boy Chiller Crew show then you might already understand why we're highlighting them as potential festival headliners.

They already have a large base of fans from Bradford who would happily follow them across the world bu the past year has introduced more and more people to their bassline hits. They've played at Reading and Leeds fest, embarked on their first UK tour playing in medium-sized venues and definitely leave an impression wherever they go.

Each taking turns to MC, it won't usually be too long before the shirts are off and their into the full flow of a chaotic performance that often leaves the crowd in a frenzy too. Reeling through hits such as BMW, 450 and Don't You Worry About Me. You have to check out the music videos for each, as they're suitably bonkers.

What we feel will really elevate Bad Boy Chiller Crew to a higher level is that level of personality, they've already gone viral before and they have a knack for getting people on board. With their producer Tactics always on hand to help guide their beats, they will no doubt be producing plenty of sample-laden hits in the future and with the shared energy of the trio always looking ready to burst, it would really be no surprise at all should they make it as festival headliners.

You can catch Bad Boy Chiller Crew live this year, they'll be playing Forbidden Forest, Pierjam Tower Festival, Made Festival and plenty more which you can check out here.



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