One on one: Sidney Charles and Sante

"If I know your coffee habits, I think we might be spending too much time together." The Berlin based duo found out more about each other ahead of ABODE In The Park.

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Date published: 21st Aug 2017

Image: Sidney Charles and Sante

Berlin based pairing Sante and Sidney Charles have been making a serious impression over the last few years> This has come not only with peerless productions such as 2015's 'Forever' and 'Mogli', released via Hot Creations, but also with their massive mixes which have seen them take on Radio 1's Essential Mix, as well as Elrow's closing party last year. 

Working in perfect harmony together, there is undeniably a synergy that runs between the two talents, and this has spread further, with Charles acting as A&R for Sante's burgeoning Avotre imprint, which has delivered releases from the likes of Alexis Raphael, Patrick Topping, Josh Butler and plenty more.

The duo will be working together in perfect harmony once again in September, as they take on London clubbing brand ABODE's first ever festival outing, ABODE In The Park, which comes to Finsbury Park on Sunday 24th September

Ahead of that date, the duo interviewed each other to talk about their careers in music, and more importantly, what irritating traits they have.

Sidney: Do you remember when we first met?

Santé: Ok so, I think our first contact was…like 5 or 6 years ago? I think it was when you released that ‘Big Bada Boom’ record on Kling Klong and I remixed it?

Sidney: Yeah, that’s right. But then it was only over email. We really met when I came to Berlin for the first time to check out whether or not I wanted to move there.

Sante: Yeah, so it was more than 5 years ago then.

Sidney: Yeah longer, I think 6 years is right. 

Sante: That’s a long time haha! Obviously our brains aren’t good at keeping long term memories anymore! 

Sante: So what have we got coming up together?

Sidney: So many gigs! This summer has been CRAZY! So we’ve just had Elrow London, we’ve had a load of shows with Elrow at Amnesia, that have been insane, Then still to come this summer we’re playing Circoloco at DC10, and of course Abode in the Park on 24th September in Finsbury Park, London.

Sidney: Santé, what have you got coming out release wise soon?

Santé – I have a release coming up on 8bit for Nick Curly which should be coming out around the end of September, and we are also talking about a future project which will be a remix of the single. Also, I have AVOTRE50 coming up, which is the 50th release on the AVOTRE label, which I’m very excited about. I can’t say too much about it, but it’s going to be a special edition release, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Sante: I’ll ask you the same question, what have you got coming out release wise soon?

SidneyWell, my ‘Fargo’ EP release has just come out on Relief Records. I think that’s it releases wise at the moment, I have some things in the pipeline but nothing is 100% confirmed yet. Although I do have another EP coming out on AVOTRE at some point hopefully soon!

Santé: Hmmm.. Yeah, we’ll see.

Sidney:  Hmmm… Fuck you

Both: [Laughing] 

Sidney: Is there anything that I do that pisses you off?

Santé: To be honest, there’s nothing that you do that really pisses me off.

Sidney: You once said that sometimes I am too chilled out, and sometimes you hate when we get into a situation where, for example, there are some mad delays for our flights and I just sit there completely relaxed.

Santé: Haha, yeah, I did say this once! But now I think I’ve learned from this, and I’m quite chilled out myself. I took a little meditation course from you Sidney, and now I can tolerate the hours of traveling and delays a bit more! But otherwise, there’s nothing that really pisses me off.

Sidney Yeah, you’re actually right, I mean maybe there are some really small things but nothing that really pisses me off or that I get really mad about.

Sante: What is one thing you enjoy about traveling with me?

Sidney: I think it’s really cool that we get to travel together. We spend a lot of time waiting at airports, so it’s cool that you have someone to talk to about things like traveling the world, or just to make jokes with…the time goes by more easily, I don’t get so bored. 

Santé: Yeah that’s true, because it’s always better to talk to someone at the airport rather than always looking at your phone, or your computer, or just sitting around by yourself. It’s nice to have company!

Sidney: Do you think that I have any weird habits?

Santé: I think, honestly, the only weird thing that you do is that you’ll only drink one certain brand of coffee, as it needs to be great coffee, you’re very picky about that! You definitely won’t accept any cheap coffee, and especially not the free coffee we sometimes get at the airport!

Sidney: I can’t defend myself here, you’re 100% right!

Santé: If I know your coffee habits, I think we might be spending too much time together. 

Sidney: Get away from me. 

Sante: Well, do you think that I have any weird habits?

Sidney: Yeah I know one but I don’t know if I can say it, can I say it Santé?

Santé: I don’t know what you’re talking about? Haha! Say it!

Sidney: Santé doesn’t wear underwear, ever, he just wears jeans! He’s a very open minded person, so no underwear!

Santé: It’s true. I ride commando. Deal with it. 

Sidney: Definitely spending too much time together! 

Sidney: Should we talk about a funny story from the road? Can you remember one?

Santé: Haha, yeah for sure, I think our longest, and funniest story came from a time we were in South America.

Sidney: Oh yeah! I know exactly what you’re talking about!

Santé: It was a very long journey, we ended up traveling for 40 hours. We had to be in Rosario one day, and due to air strikes and traffic controls in Argentina, we were not allowed to fly. So we had to take a much, much longer route. The thing is, as Sidney mentioned earlier he’s a very relaxed traveller, and every time a delay popped up, you would chill out even more, so after 40 hours of traveling Sidney was so chilled that he just didn’t care about anything! 

Sidney:  Basically, we had to take every method of transport possible in order to get there, starting with a bus, to get to another bus, which took us to a boat, which we took across the Rio de la Plata from Uruguay to Argentina, where we then got picked up by a car. I think by this point the only method of transport we hadn’t used was a horse! And we had so many ups and downs in between, at one point, Sante’s credit cards didn’t work anymore so we couldn’t get any money out, so he was totally freaking out and calling his bank and was screaming down the phone at the woman and was almost in tears. So yeah, that was fun!

Sante: We almost had so many nervous breakdowns on this journey!

Sidney Charles and Sante play ABODE In The Park which takes place on Sunday 24th September, find ABODE In The Park tickets below.

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