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Away from the world stage that hosts the official MIF programme, Not Part Of Festival aims to put its finger on Manchester’s creative pulse by creating a fringe festival with affordable events for everyone.

Jayne Robinson

Last updated: 28th Jun 2011

The next few weeks see Manchester taken over by some of the world’s most important artists, performers and producers for the world famous Manchester International Festival.

But away from the world stage that hosts the official MIF programme, Not Part Of festival aims to put its finger on Manchester’s creative pulse by creating a fringe festival of music, dance, art, comedy and drama, with affordable events for everyone.

If you're planning on going to some or all of Not Part Of, make sure you download our free app, which will really helping you to get the most out of Not Part Of with full line-ups, maps, ticket details and loads more. You can download the app here.

Check out just some of the Not Part Of events happening in Manchester over the coming weeks:

First Rule of Comedy
Reallife Theatre Company presents '1st Rule of Comedy'. Local actress Zoe Matthews plays fictional stand up comedienne Gillian Ferrari in this drama about the perils and pitfalls of engaging in stand-up. Written by Trevor Suthers, directed by Alan Rothwell and performed by Zoe Matthews
Joshua Brooks, Thurs June 30th
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Dream a Little Dream of Me
Northern Kitchen-sink drama from BadCheck Productions, telling the story of today’s anygry young man. Danny is stuck in a rut. A terrible thing happened a year ago and since then he seems to be standing still. That is of course until Claire comes snowballing into his life and threatens to throw him right back on track again. Whatever will his wife think?
Joshua Brooks, Tues 5th July
£5 (£4 NUS)
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Waking up in The Heetham Tower
Set in Manchester, this new piece tells the story of three men who grew up together. Now in their 30s, they've remained friends and we see how their relationships have developed with each other and with those around them. Written & directed by Grace OLeary.
The Bridge, Thurs 7th July
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Montage of Misery
Self-indulgent self-pity for the oppressed and depressed. Come and wail along to power ballads, decide that, whilst others do have a rough time, its really all relative, and generally share in the embarrassment and disappointment of being alive. Hell, feel free to roll around on the floor if you want to, as acts perform in the stage area and nooks reveal art and mini-performances.
Sandbar, Thurs 7th July
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Not Part Of Embryo
The original idea for the Embryo nights was borne out of the creation of Studio Salford 8 years ago. An umbrella theatre group designed to encourage and develop new writing. This night will be based on the familiar Studio Salford Embryo nights, but dedicated to showcasing a selection of original and diverse work from across the whole NPOF.
Studio Salford, Kings Arms, Fri 8th July
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Keep the Trees Free!
Join storyteller Helen Sant for a fairytale journey through myth, legend and folklore, in praise of trees. Commune with the Green Man, hear of the escaped puma, celebrate our natural heritage with tales of dryads and wood witches. Small percussion instruments welcome as interactive in parts. Suitable for all ages.
Earth Café, Fri 8th July
£5 (£2.50 child, £4 concession)
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Reflections of Projections
Award winning 2toned Theatre presents a full evenings entertainment as part of Not Part Of. This powerful, sometimes shocking, performance finds lost souls locked inside a forgotten world; souls whose screams of confusion and outspoken memories have until now been silenced. The human debris of mental illness is laid bare and the audience presented with a collective feast of pain, love, loss, fear and laughter.
Islington Mill, Sat 9th July
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Butter Bridge Records Present… Music!
Butter Bridge Records present an afternoon of folk and acoustic performances at the delectable Nexus Arts Cafe. Wrap up your weekend on this Sunday afternoon with some chilled and original performances from some of the best artists from around the country. Featuring music from The Jaywalkers, Fabian Holland, therunningchelsea, Joe Levi and Proud Proud People.
Nexus Art Café, Sun 10th July
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Back by popular demand, Miss Leather Productions brings you Patrick Marber's CLOSER (Adapted for film in 2004). The relationships of two couples become complicated and deceitful when the man from one couple meets the woman from the other.
Adelphi Studio, Salford, Mon 11th July
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The Say Can Blues
A Kafkaesque, tragicomic short play showing for five nights in the Not Part Of Festival, mixing domestic disintegration with film noir intrigue. A playful and daring piece of drama, the play shows episodes from a mans transformation, mixing up modern neuroses with classic thriller tropes, in an intimate theatrical space.
Lass O Gowrie, Mon 11th July
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Bardolesque Present the Revolution
Cabaret featuring burlesque, comedy, music and poetry, on the theme of Revolution. Poets include Dermot Glennon, comedy by Jackie Hagan and Conor Aylward, burlesque by Jezebel Steele and Lethal Gem among others.
Cord, Thurs 14th July
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