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Interview: Sankeys resident Jozef K

We caught up with Sankeys resident Jozef K to talk about DJing, the future of the club, and musical inspiration past and present.

Jayne Robinson

Date published: 25th Mar 2013

Sankeys is surely one of the most renowned and well loved clubs to have ever graced the city of Manchester. With its continued passion for relaying to the public the finest in cutting edge dance music, as well as providing an amazing party atmosphere in the process, Sankeys' stay at the top looks set to remain for a long time.

We had the privilege of speaking to one of the shining stars of Sankeys, resident DJ and tireless producer Jozef K, to give us a bit more of an insight into what makes him tick - and what we can expect from him and the club in future.

What got you into DJing?

My older brother getting some decks. I heard some minimal techno tunes when I was 15 and I was like “What the fuck is this?!” I turned Dr Dre off my minidisc player and went straight to Eastern Bloc for some more!

Who inspires you musically?

Right now, Therese Racket! They are amazing! Imagine Joy Division only with French female vocals, added atmosphere, but with the melancholic desperation still evident. It's always refreshing to find a rare gem in an untouched genre; this inspires me to keep looking for tunes!  

I’m also really enjoying Bvdub’s stuff; he’s a Canadian ambient/dub techno producer. Ever since I read an article about him saying that the best gig of his career was on a massive festival sound system, playing only to 4 people, I fell in love! I recommend the track ‘No Love Lost’ for insight into what this guy is all about. 

Although I hate to say it, my studio partner Winter Son also inspires me. The guy could be a one man band, he can literally play every instrument! He’s a bit crazy too. I think he is addicted to musical equipment!

And as standard: Kurt Cobain, Nas, DJ Shadow, Karijn Anderson and Dixon. But for club stuff, Steffi’s label Dolly is always on point!

What genre excites you the most at the moment?

French cold wave!

Which DJs have caught your eye recently? 

Mark Turner, an absolute legend from Eastern Bloc. Every mix he does (when he can be arsed to) is killing it! His latest podcast on Eastern Bloc is a proper mix from a guy who knows his shit. Also, he is a miserable bastard, and I like that.

How have the new nights at Sankeys - Recentes and Fiesta - been received?

Recentes has been awesome! It has formed a strong connection with the students. Fiesta has also had some brilliant nights. Both are attracting really good crowds.

Which do you enjoy more, producing or DJing?

DJing! But I have recently been really enjoying working in the studio. Maybe when I get older production will be the one - I like the idea of not speaking to anyone for long periods of time!

Do you have any forthcoming productions that we can look forward to?

Yes. Lots! A few are on the mix. The last track is one from me and Winter Son, check it out! 

What are your top five tunes at the moment?

Therese Racket, 'Rebelle' (On as we speak!)

Omni Trio, 'Higher Ground'

Truss, 'Redbrook' 

Anthony Red Rose, 'Tempa' 

Bobby Konders, 'Nervous Acid'

What does the future hold for Sankeys?

Massive things that I can’t talk about right now!

What does the future hold for Jozef K?

Making an album over the summer as well as a four track release coming out on Sasha’s label Last Night On Earth in the summer, gigs in Italy, Ibiza, Croatia and across the UK, getting a Roland-303, and meditation every Tuesday!

Finally, if you weren’t a DJ, what would you be?

Ideally the front man in the most depressing band you can think, dressed head to toe in black and just hating everyone. Realistically though, still in university doing my 8th course because I can’t be arsed to get a real job!

Thank you Jozef K!

With big things clearly being planned for the future of Sankeys, the secretive nature of what they have been working on heightens our interest. However, with DJs like Jozef K being involved, we know we’re in safe hands. 

The iconic Manchester club looks set to keeps on moving forward with the ever evolving sound of British Dance Music. We look forward to finding out what they have in store for us.

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Look out for the next instalment of the Weekends Matter podcast, featuring a guest mix by Jozef K himself. Out this Wednesday!