Interview: Desolat's Guti on his return to jazz

Ahead of his appearance at Gibb Street Warehouse this Friday for A Desolat Birmingham, techno producer Guti tells Jasmine Phull why he's returning to his roots to write a jazz album.

Jayne Robinson

Date published: 15th Nov 2012

Growing up in a family of musicians, you could say Argentinian-born tech/house producer Guti was a bit of a wunderkind. An intense pianist before he hit double digits, the musically gifted child shone in the world of jazz at an early age.

But by the time he hit South America’s stages he’d swapped the silky smooth sounds of jazz for the reverb laden rock tune. Though with a mantle-piece packed with gold records, 2006 saw Guti take a different path. The path of techno.

As one of the most passionate and interesting producers of the Latino American house scene, Guti now plans to jump back to his roots with a jazz-inspired release.

Jasmine Phull speaks to producer Guti about jazz, Carl Cox and the ‘on-stage’ bubble ahead of his appearance at Arkitekt Presents A Desolat Birmingham this Friday.

You recently released your Busuki EP on Carl Cox's Intec Digital label, how did that relationship come about?
Carl is my friend and a great support to me. He believes in my music and he always did. For me it is a dream that a guy like him looks at my music and wants to release it, so it’s nice.

What was the idea behind the release?
The songs are so open and so musical that I think Carl is the only person who would ever release them! (Laughs).

How important is your environment to your writing and recording process?
It’s everything. I get influenced by so many things: love, family, friends and cities. Right now I’m writing my first jazz album in Buenos Aires, and I’m so connected with the city. It’s crazy! I love it.

You were raised in a family of musicians and know how to play a number of instruments, what is your earliest memory linked to music?
My earliest memory was trying to play piano (I was really bad ) and I could barely reach the keys ( I was very little ). I also remember listening to my brothers and sisters playing the piano. Good times!

Your debut album Patio de Juegos was released in 2011. How long will you wait to do another? Do you have a preference between EPs and LPs? Why?
I just finished my next album and it’s jazz! Some people will be like, what? (Pauses) But this is what I want to do!

Is there one lesson you took from producing and recording the debut?
Follow your heart and have no fear.

Where are you currently based and where in the world would you uproot to in order to further progress your sound and technique?
Every city is different. For me Düsseldorf works because I don’t see many people. It's just me and my instruments. It sounds weird but I need seclusion to create.

How important is visual aesthetic to Guti when performing on stage?
When performing I’m in my own world. In another dimension. The music is the only thing I care about!

You're quite active on Facebook, is the digital realm an important part of Guti?
I make music 23 hrs a day and so social media is a bit of an escape. And it’s good to be in contact with the people who care about my music.

What element from your childhood/youth played an important part in shaping where you're at now?
Dreaming. I’ve always been a dreamer. I hope to keep it that way.

How important is collaboration in your work? Who do you hope to collaborate with in the future?
I love collaborations because of the energy. Two or more guys in the same room making music is… magic. My next collaboration is with Davide Squillace but as I told you I’m putting together a jazz band next year! I’m so excited, this music is from another planet. I haven’t been so excited about music for a long time so I’m happy.

Last song you listened to?
Oscar Peterson - Night Train

First album you bought?
My mother gave me Deep Purple, Machine Head

Interview: Jasmine Phull

Guti will appear alongside Loco Dice, tINI and Hector on Friday 16th November at A Desolat Birmingham, Gibb Street Warehouse. Tickets are available below.

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