In conversation with Danny Howard and Fono

Danny Howard and Fono ask each other questions on productions, career progression and much more.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 20th Mar 2017

Danny Howard recently embarked on a new mini tour titled '1 On One', with the intention of spotlighting some of the artists he rates the most. Taking to UK raving hot spots, over the past few weeks he's gone back to back with the likes of Detlef, Secondcity and Fono for the specially curated series of underground parties.

To coincide with the events, Danny and Fono asked each other some questions about careers, own productions and just some outright random stuff. We also streamed his set from the Nottingham leg of the tour which you can check out below.

Danny asks Fono...

How was the experience of 'Real Joy' gaining such incredible support and how has in influenced your career since?

Pretty crazy, considering it was the first thing I put out. It was kinda overwhelming seeing loads of huge artists I looked up to supporting it, I’d been sitting on it for a while before, mainly because I thought it’d be too weird for people to be into. Probably the main way its influenced my career is that it encouraged me stay true to my sound and what I believe in rather then following the trend.

I noticed soon after you remixed one of my all time favourite dance records, Axwell - I Found U. How did that come about?

Yeah, another crazy one hah, Axwell and Ingrosso were big fans of Real Joy, to the point they thanked Zane Lowe when he left Radio One for introducing it to them. Pretty soon after that Axwell and the Axtone guys got in touch and asked me to choose any track in his discography to remix for the Axtone 10 compilation. Naturally it had to be ‘I Found U’, it’s one of my all time favourite dance tracks too.

I heard a really early version of your collab with Karma Kid (Allison) and have been waiting for it since November. When will this banger finally be released?

Ah glad you’re feeling it man! Not sure if I can say the exact date yet, but it should be sometime at the end of this month on Method White along with a B-side. Very excited to be releasing on Disclosures label!

What's your drink of choice?

Spiced Rum and Ginger Beer/Ting/Coke.

Fono asks Danny... 

Are you enjoying taking over Friday night on Radio 1?

Yeah, it’s my absolute fave! I love my Saturday show of course but Friday allows me to be a bit more upfront and represent more of what I play in the clubs when I DJ. Officially starting off everyone’s weekend on BBC Radio 1 is an absolute honour!

Do you have any plans to release more of your own tracks?

I do indeed and especially this year. I’ve got about six projects on the go at the moment that I’m road testing. I’ve decided that I don’t want to rush out any releases... I want to sit on them all, play them all summer then release them all quite quickly towards the end of the year. 

Obviously back in 2011 you won the R1 superstar DJ comp, how much has your life changed since that point?

It changed my life massively! It was the break I’d always dreamt of and never thought I’d get. Aside from giving me a new passion in radio (something I never thought I’d do), it’s also given me great opportunities to DJ all over the world, which has been incredible. I worked hard to be ready for that slice of luck and I’ve been working even harder on it ever since.

Have you ever been RT by DJs complaining?

Haha!! I think so but can’t exactly remember what for. In real life, I can be a bit of a moaner but on Twitter, I try to hold it back….Unless I miss a connecting flight back to the UK from Mexico like I did last week, then that airline is getting it.

Are you looking forward to Ibiza this year, do you have a residency lined up?

I can’t wait for Ibiza! I’m going into my fifth year as a regular on the island and it just gets better every time. It really is my second home during the summer and that isn’t changing anytime soon. I have stuff lined up for sure, but all to be revealed.

How many hair cuts do you have per month?

On my head, I tend to have one every six weeks.