Five of the best: Justin Robertson

We dug through Justin Robertson's back catalogue to relive five of his best records ahead of sets for Boats of Rage and Beat-Herder 2017.

Mike Warburton

Last updated: 16th Jun 2017

Photo: Justin Robertson

Since the dawn of the nineties Justin Robertson has been a hugely treasured entity in UK rave culture. His raw, dynamic acid house, bolstered by psychedelic disco nods and thunderous techno continues to be craved, now more than ever. 

Equally at home on a Hacienda classics line up as he is supporting man of the moment Jackmaster in the Mixmag Lounge, Robertson has maintained a fervent following in the underground by continuing to tread his own distinct path.

Ahead of upcoming sets for Boats Of Rage on Saturday 17th June and Beat Herder Festival 2017 we've revisited some of our favourite Justin Robertson joints from the past 25 years.

The Deadstock 33s 'Underneath The Pines' (Club Mix)

Taken from 2013 album The Pilgrim's Ghost, Roberston takes on neon-lit disco and electro with supreme results. The intriguing synth lines weaving in and out throughout the track, the sleazy vocals, and a healthy dose of eighties pop nostalgia result in four minutes of sublime blacklight beats. Check the 'Club' and 'Disco Bloodbath' remixes too.

Cheval Sombre 'Couldn't Do' (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s Remix) 

Justin stretches his psychedelic legs for this stunning reworking of Cheval Sombre's 'Couldn't Do'. The eerie, slurring violins strings merge with an 'Energy Flash' style acidic stomp - a perfect marriage of melodic genius and dancefloor readiness.

Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s 'Autumn'

Lifted from the 'Pop Futuro' compilation on Gomma, 'Autumn' is a track that comprehensively kills it in the club setting. The arpeggio'd, gravely bass tones and thumping kicks joined by jazzy, freestyle riffing and subtly changing low end results in an irresistible body mover, reminding us that these two can be nigh on unbeatable at times.

Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s ft. DJ Pareja 'Bajo La Luna'

There's no denying 'Everything is Turbulence' was one of the best best dance albums of 2015, and for us 'Bajo La Luna' is perhaps it's standout moment, though it's a close contest. The acid is strong with this one, as is the ripping, driving bassline complete with vague Latin overtones, retro drum programming and Spanish vocal hooks.

Lionrock 'Lionrock'

Of course we couldn't create the list without listing at least one of Justin's classics. Under his Lionrock moniker he remixed the likes of Bjork, The Charlatan's, and even the Get Carter theme, but it's the very first release, 1992's eponymous 'Lionrock' that is a firm favourite of ours. It's very much a product of it's time, the splashes of big beat, the reggae inspired fills, and the big driving bassline, but it's just as pleasurable experience now as it ever was. A real classic.

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