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Brits are favouring UK festivals over holidays abroad

Steep price increases in the cost of holidays, the uncertainty of Brexit and the lust for new experiences are some of the many factors that are driving the British Public to choose a festival experience over a trip abroad.

Dale Grogan

Last updated: 20th Jun 2019

Image: Creamfields 

Research recently collected by Barclaycard has shown that Brits this year are choosing to spend their time and hard earned money on attending festivals here in the UK, instead of forking out for pricey holidays abroad.

Figures show, from a survey conducted on 2,000 British adults, that a fifth of us will attend one of the many great festivals the British Isles has to offer with just under a third of us regarding a festival as our main summer trip.  

There are many reasons that have led Brits to favour a festival this year, such as the increase in the cost of a holiday abroad which now averages at around £4792 for a family of four to escape for a fortnight, excluding pocket money. Compare this to the average cost of a festival, £549.76 per person all in, and the research starts to make sense.


The increased probability that the UK will see a hot summer is also a big factor in the findings, whilst uncertainty over Brexit has resulted in the weakening of the pound sterling against currencies such as the Euro and the Dollar, persuading more of us not to travel out of the UK.

Other factors surrounding Brexit include possible higher airfares, lower compensation for delays and ambiguity regarding the future of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which currently entitles UK citizens to a reduced cost of medical treatment whilst abroad in the EU. 

Many now feel that a festival in the UK can offer everything a holiday can and more. As well as offering plenty in the way of music and art culture, festivals can also offer attendees a wealth of new experiences, such as the chance to sample new cuisines and the opportunity to develop new and existing social skills.

Let's face it, it's pretty hard not to make friends on a campsite at a festival. The survey also highlighted that over a third of parents that took part, 34%, would like to see their children attend a festival for this exact reason. 

This research also coincides with figures that show a steady increase in the number of attendees at festivals across the UK over the past few years and a rise in festival tourism, with more and more people traveling to the UK specifically to attend festivals.   

Here are the top 10 reasons why Brits are most likely to attend a festival this summer, taken from the Barclaycard survey... 

1 - To see bands and artists they love (46%)

2 - To discover new music (34%)

3 - To try new foods (27%)

4 - To enjoy experiences unrelated to music such as yoga or comedy (27%)

5 - To meet new people (25%)

6 - To become more open-minded (24%)

7 - To find new brands/products (14%)

8 - To visit interesting pop-up bars (11%)

9 - To experiment with fashion (10%)

10 - To build social skills (9%)

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