Best albums April 2022: Fontaines D.C., Father John Misty and more

April is almost over and it's time to take a look at the albums that have left a lasting impression on us this month.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 28th Apr 2022

April is almost over and it's time to take a look at the albums that have left a lasting impression on us this month. With so much being released, it was hard to keep track of everything this month but there truly are some gems. From indie rock sensations to dance music pastiches, we've highlighted some stunning records below.


Fontaines D.C.- Skinty Fia

Fontaines D.C. are one of the best rock bands around right now and on Skinty Fia they cement their status as truly rare talents. The band recently moved to London and it saw them interrogating their sense of Irishness in a whole new way, which leads to an album full of complexity and incredible lyrical prowess.

Tracks such as Jackie Down The Line and I Love You may just be two of the finest tracks you'll hear this year, Fontaines D.C. don't deal in simplicity, they have a multi-faceted approach to storytelling.




Crows- Beware Believers

Crows are probably the band that you've heard of the least on this list but do not discount them for one second. The rock/punk band play with a dark aesthetic that immediately frames their songs in a sinister light and from this bleakness comes the hard-hitting rock of Beware Believers.

The band are completely unrelenting throughout and singer James Cox's voice is so loud that it almost feels like a personal attack at some points.




Confidence Man- Tilt

Confidence Man may just be one of the most exciting dance groups around at the moment. The Australians all take on personas and different pseudonyms. The main thing to remember when listening to them is not to take them seriously, as they go around mocking club culture and the so-called luxury lifestyle.

Their second album Tilt is a continuation of their sarcastic humour and more importantly incredible beats that will have you up out of your seat in no time. You can read out full thoughts on the new album here.




Father John Misty- Chloe and the Next 20th Century

Father John Misty is reaching into his sincere era on Chloe and the Next 20th Century. The character taken on by Joshua Tillman feels as close to his personal life than ever. It makes for a fascinating record and he incorporates classical instrumentation into his sound this time around making for a record that never feels less than grand in its proportions.




Wet Leg- Wet Leg

You have probably heard the name Wet Leg floating about on social media in recent months. It seems rare that a band gets hyped up so quickly these days but they broke through quickly with their debut single last year Chaise Longue. Capturing praise for their anthemic hooks and catchy chorus' it was a recipe for instant success.

Their debut album is their carefree sound played out in a fully-fledged vision and if you want to hear one of the most fun indie-rock records you'll hear all year then look no further.




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