A solo traveller’s guide to Ibiza

Are you eyeing up a solo sun-soaked trip to Ibiza? For those keen but not sure how to tackle it all on your own, we’ve got the best tips and tricks on how to make the most of it as a single traveller.

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Last updated: 9th Jul 2024

Planning on making the most of Ibiza this summer? Alone? Solo travelling is a daunting feat for many, let alone when concerning Ibiza, often considered the party capital of the world. 

We’ve already covered the best time to go, the best places to catch and more in our beginner’s guide, but we haven’t yet gone into more depth on the tips and tricks for indulging in the island’s lovely secrets on your own. Despite its reputation, Ibiza is a haven for a solo traveller, packed with quality clubs, activities and jaw-dropping sights to indulge in. 

So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned island party-goer undertaking your first Ibiza solo trip, here’s our how-to guide on going to Ibiza on your own. You’ll find tips on how to have fun on your own, the best clubs, beaches and town to explore, along with much more. 



Relax, take your time and do your research

Photo: Tom Cattini / Pexels.com

The best way to approach Ibiza solo travel is to take your time. The luxury of going on your own means you don’t have to worry about caving into pressure from others on what to get up to, plus the multitude of things to get stuck into in Ibiza means you can pick and choose what to get up to. 

We always recommend a bit of spontaneity, but at least make sure you’ve read up and done your research just a little bit. We’re currently in the thick of the Ibiza summer season, so make sure you get your accommodation sorted and a plan in place if you’re planning on jetting off soon. For those more into a quieter beach getaway, the end of year months are probably more your style. There’s something for everyone in Ibiza, so just make sure you’ve picked it out. 



Get stuck into some solo clubbing

Photo: Ushuaia Ibiza / Facebook.com

Now for the part we all love and cherish Ibiza for - its clubbing and nightlife. We’ve already waxed lyrical about the best clubs on the island before so we’ll try to not repeat ourselves too much, but here’s the crash course. 

The sibling rivalry of poolside open air club Ushuaia and its sister club Hi are always on the lips of party-minded island goers. Ushuaia’s ANTS night, consisting of the finest underground sounds, is one of the many highlights of a month in Ibiza, joined by Hi’s iconic LGBTQ+ Glitterbox nights. The number of quality clubs doesn’t end there, as superclub Eden, clubland pioneers Amnesia and Pacha, and dancehall hotspot SWAG are all just as fun to experience on your own as with others. 

Ibiza’s reputation as a prominent party place may make solo travellers anxious but don’t let this put you off; these clubs are just as fun to experience on your own as it is with friends. And who’s to say you’re not meeting them along the way?



Stay safe and have street smarts  

Photo: Bjorn Agerbeek / Unsplash.com

Ibiza is all around a safe and friendly place, and its colourful cast of residents and visitors can attest to that. It still doesn’t hurt to be careful and street smarts are always key. San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa, along with having vibrant nightlife and a crackling atmosphere, are friendly and reliable places to stay while also containing plenty of hostels and hotels that’ll be holding those sweet social events. 

When it comes to street smarts, always stay in well-lit areas while making your way around at night, keep an eye on your things and stat safe. You also won’t need to splash loads of cash while you’re there despite the island’s reputation, as many activities like hikes, running clubs and exploring won’t require you to dive into your wallet or purse.



Make friends and find people 

Photo: Sebastian Coman Travel / Unsplash.com

Going it alone to Ibiza is an elite travel choice either way, but if you fancy linking up with some new faces, there’s no better place to get adopted by a new entourage. All year round the island is crammed with a diverse and fun cast, from hippies and DJs to savvy entrepreneurs and young professionals, plus many of the friendly locals. May to October has always been the sweet spot for Ibiza at its most alive, making it easier than ever to find your people. 

Places to look out for when seeking out new companions include exploring the beachfront and bar-laden streets of the Old Town and Sa Penya, and you can find the best bars on the island here on Skiddle. San Antonio offers the relaxed Mint Lounge alongside iconic venues Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar; Old Town contains gems like the unique S'Escalinata and tiki-tinted Paradise Lost bar; while Port d'Eivissa features island mainstay The Rock Bar and the cool-as-can-be No. 5

Failing that, we recommend keeping an eye out for any social events being held by the hostel or hotel you're calling home for the stay, as like-minded travellers will be along for the ride as well. 



Explore the beaches 


Photo: Michael Tomlinson / Unsplash.com

This is all well and good, but is the party life starting to wear you down? Ibiza’s party scene is immense, but don’t let that define the island too much. With 80 beaches to its name, you can spend as long as you like swerving the clubs entirely to instead sink your toes into the golden sand. 

Whatever direction you head in, you’re bound to come across a seaside paradise. Cala Bassa in the south-west is just a 15-minute drive from San Antonio and boasts the most beautiful and clear crystalline waters; the iconic Las Salinas is rightly considered a hotspot for the jet-set crowd; and Figueretas evokes a taste of the Mediterranean just a stone's throw from the Old Town. 

With the luscious beaches come the beach clubs, which Ibiza have in abundance. Among our picks for the best beach clubs in Ibiza, we picked out the likes of El Chiringuito - situated on Es Cavallet - and the high-end Blue Marlin as just a couple of quality clubs you can expect. 



Discover the town life 

Photo: Belinda Fewings / Unsplash.com

Despite its rich history as the place to party, you could cut all that out and still have a top time thanks to the secrets and hidden treasures scattered around the island and its towns. 

If you’re at all brushed up on the history of Ibiza, you’ll know that before the DJs got their hands on the turntables the island was a hippie’s playground. The bohemian presence remains, seen most prominently in the markets scattered throughout. These markets are a sweet spot for Ibiza solo travel and are always unmissable for holiday-goers. A quick parade through the shops in La Marina or Mercat Vell, located at the foot of the stunning UNESCO-listed fortress of Dalt Villa, will surely wet your fashionista appetite. 



Getting around the island

Photo: Mike Swigunski / Unsplash.com

While not a massive island by any stretch, the sheer number of things to get up to - especially as a solo traveller - can make Ibiza an overwhelming place to be, especially when looking at how to get around. Luckily for the solo sightseers out there, zipping around Ibiza is easier than ever, whether you’ve got a car or not. 

You can rent a car and go exploring yourself, but failing that you’ve got taxis (Uber or the official island taxis provided their lights are green) and scooters at your disposal. For the more water-savvy adventurers, San Antonio’s harbour is choc-a-block with transport and Ibiza Town offers a small ferry service to boot. Public transport is thriving over on the island as well, with cheap and reliable bus services running into San Antonio and the Old Town.



Have fun

Photo: Amnesia Ibiza / Facebook.com

The key takeaway from all of this is just to have fun, as obvious as that is. It doesn’t matter if you want to spend your time sinking shots and finding new groups to socialise and party the night away with, or you’d fancy a more muted affair comprising sunbathing and sightseeing. The joy with Ibiza is there’s something for everyone, making it a prime destination for a solo traveller. 



So there you have it, some tips, tricks and info on how to make the most out of Ibiza as a solo traveller! Whether you're planning on relaxing by the beach, losing yourself in a rave or anything inbetween, hopefully this has made you feel less anxious and more eager to book that flight. 

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