" I would love to collaborate with Dr Dre": Paul Oakenfold talks to Skiddle

Paul Oakenfold takes some time out from a busy day in his recording studio in Holland to talk to Skiddle about Ibiza, his residency with Gatecrasher, new releases, and his top tips for the Ibiza first timer...

Jayne Robinson

Date published: 26th Jul 2011

Paul Oakenfold takes some time out from a busy day in his recording studio in Holland to talk to Skiddle about Ibiza, his residency with Gatecrasher, new releases, and his top tips for the Ibiza first timer...

What is it that attracts you back to Ibiza time after time?

I think we all know it’s one of those magical islands. It’s a great place to go for a lot of people, not just the English. It’s only a couple of hours away and to go somewhere like Ibiza with the nightclubs, restaurants… people have been going continuously for many years.

So your Ibiza residency at Privilege with Gatecrasher is about to start. Could you tell us a little more about it?

Well I have a residency in Las Vegas and I always take the month off in August to go to Ibiza and leave my residency in Las Vegas. I previously had two residencies in Ibiza that lasted the whole season, but this now works perfectly for me as it means I can do five consecutive Wednesdays at Gatecrasher, who do great parties, a really good line-up, Privilege is one of the best clubs in the world so it made sense for me to join up and play.

There are some special guests appearing alongside you at Gatecrasher, such as Marcel Woods, DJ Feel…Is there any in particular your excited to appear alongside?

Yeah, I like what Marco V does and I like what Dash Berlin does. I made a track with Marco V and we’ll be playing that track together when we’re performing so I think people are going to have a really good time actually. It’s a really good club for listening to really cool music.

You’ve worked with Gatecrasher for quite a while now. How did your relationship with them begin?

Gatecrasher are the best in the UK. I mean obviously they have been going for years and pioneers in their own right. They put Sheffield on the map back in the early days and now they have done the same for Birmingham. Firstly it was good to be in a partnership with people who know what they’re doing as that’s a really important part of it and also they have got years of expertise in the electronic world and you know they are going to be promoting it and doing a good job.

So back to Ibiza, you have been going out there regularly since the 80’s so you’re definitely in tune with the island. Do you think there has been much change there with regards to the music scene?

It’s certainly great to see a huge electronic mix and now the rock when Ibiza Rocks moved in, but now you have a lot of the urban hip-hop acts. I think it’s good. Musically it’s good that things change and move forward and that’s a big part of Ibiza.

You get to DJ in a lot of exciting places around the world. Where would you say is your favourite?

Well certainly Las Vegas is one of them. It’s 24 hours fun, it just doesn’t stop. Buenos Aires is too, but certainly Las Vegas.

Moving on to Perfecto Records – at what point did you decide you wanted to create your own record company and label?

Well we’ve been going since the early 90’s and there was a lot of music that wasn’t being released and I wasn’t planning with Perfecto Records to put out pop music, there were a lot of people not signing or releasing this music so I felt, for me, it was the right thing to do.

You’ve just released the ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ album, is there anything else for us to look forward to?

We’re re-releasing some of the old Perfecto classics. Grace ‘Not Over Yet’ is currently number 5 in the dance chart and the newest release.

You have worked with so many incredible artists your back catalogue is beyond impressive, but is there anyone you would love to work with in the future?

I would love to collaborate with Dr Dre. I just think it would be a really interesting collaboration to work with someone who is a pioneer in his world and comes up with these really creative beats.

You have definitely made a name for yourself, but you have also helped other artists on their way. Is there anyone in particular you’re most proud of?

I’ve worked and supported the likes of Mark Ronson, Tiesto, David Guetta, but for me its all about finding the next talent, the next DJ, the next artist and I think that’s what I'm most proud of – finding these new people is what its all about.

Is there anyone on your radar at the minute?

I’ve come across this 23 year old, classically trained pianist. He plays nearly every instrument and he sings. He makes electronic music and he dresses like he’s in a Goth band! He’s a really unique kind of guy. He’ll have contact lenses in and one will be red and one will be green, and he has these piercings everywhere, and he’s just incredibly talented. His name is Robert Vadney and he comes from the Greek island of Rhodes. Hopefully he will do well, he’s the next one on my radar and I am working with him at the minute.

As a DJ, remixer, producer with a history of promotion, A&R and as an agent, is there anything else you would like to add to your skills?

I’m just focussing on next year. Next year I have my artist album out. After Ibiza I will be going back to Las Vegas to work on the album, which will be called Pop  Killer. It will be full of great songs, great singers and cutting edge beats.

Well there is definitely a lot to look forward to and to keep you busy! So before you go, I’m going to quickly go back to the subject of Ibiza. Have you got any tips for the Ibiza first timer?

The biggest thing is: embrace it! Go everywhere and do everything. Don’t hold back. Don’t listen to anyone. Just go and really embrace the spirit and nature of the island. That’s what it’s all about.

How about your favourite bar or restaurants that stand out? Where would you recommend for people to go?

I like to go to Mambo. I have a lot of friends down there and I enjoy it down there. So I’d say go to Mambo, get really involved in what it’s all about. Watch the sunset and have a beer or some sangria. Restaurants, there is one called ‘Sa Capella’ which was an old monastery in the hills of San Antonio. It’s on of the oldest buildings on the island and it’s tucked away. You can’t find it unless your taken there but it’s a must go. It’s very unique. There’s nothing on the island like it.

Interview by: Jo Waddington

Paul Oakenfold’s new album ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ is out on I-Tunes now and if your’re lucky enough to be going to Ibiza in August, be sure to head to Gatecrasher to see the man himself in action.

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