an exclusive interview with Sabretooth - Strange Daze 14th Birthday

Chris Nanook caught up with 'Sabretooth' ahead of his live psy trance performance at the Strange Daze 14th Birthday on 11th November!

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Last updated: 2nd Nov 2017.
Originally published: 30th Oct 2017

<CN> Hi Ben, Thanks for taking the time to talk to us....

You're a well known feature on the UK scene... perhaps most predominantly for your residency/regular appearances at the Northern vanguard event, "Planet Zogg" ...

...tell us a bit about how you first met their crew and got working with them...

<BF> The Planet Zogg parties were some of the first I ever went to - back at a time when I knew nothing about the music, let alone DJing and production. The unique music I heard Greg and Dill play helped inspire me to dive head first into electronic music and production.

A few years later, I was lucky to be asked to play a DJ set at a Zogg party...must have been 2003 I think. That was after Dill heard me spin some tunes very drunkily at a friend's birthday in a basement somewhere. Greg and I teamed up soon afterwards to produce 'Exit Light', which made it's way onto vinyl as the second Planet Zogg Records release - my first ever release as a producer.

<CN> Nice! What a great way to forge a relationship!
ou've had a string of releases now, as long as your arm...... where do you get the inspiration from?

<BF> It's all about turning the sounds I hear in my head into reality...a never-ending quest for that ultimate driving bassline and killer acid line! I'm inspired by the music I hear - which is partly what's made me turn my attention more fully to the psy scene in recent years as the production in the scene just blows my mind time after time. There's no time to rest on your laurels as a producer: there's always new music being released by both established and emerging artists that makes you re-evaluate your sound and raise your game.

<CN> I can appreciate that, dude!'ve got to keep pushing forward!

You've been billed at most major nights in the UK, as well as relative new-comers such as Psyberia...

... give us a stand-out moment from memory!

<BF> My first ever live set was at a free party outside Sheffield on the summer solstice. It was pi**ing down with rain, the police came to stop the music but the party had got going again at sunrise. Having a handful of hardcore party-goers going mental to my own tracks was such an incredible buzz - one I'll never forget.

Otherwise, I've been lucky to play some of the best underground parties in the UK so hold treasured memories of so many sets - from playing the Zogg stage at the Glade Festival to closing the Ritz for Illuminaughty, through to the legendary Lakota for a Ripsnorter birthday bash.

<CN> Lakota is an amazing venue! I headlined the prog room for Tribe Of Frog back in 2009, and the vibe was insane. Would have loved to have seen one of your sets in that awesome space!

How do you find the UK scene differs to playing abroad?

<BF> The UK can be very single-minded regarding sub-genres. It's something I've suffered from because my sound will often be described as techno by trance-heads but snubbed as trance by techno purists. That's why I've found a natural home at parties like Zogg, Ripsnorter, Riff Raff and Remedy - places with a more open-minded approach to underground dance music.

Abroad, those strict divisions don't always matter so much. I think one the reasons I've returned to Poland so regularly is the open minded attitude there - as long as it's hard and driving, anything goes!

<CN> hehee... They do like it hard in Poland! (edit - You know I'm Polish, right? haha)

I know it'll be tough to pin down your absolute fave moment abroad... but as a performer, give us one of your highlights?

<BF> So many to chose from...I played a small party in a small and literally underground club in Poland some years back, set under a disused train station. I was given a 2hr set, but as the clocks went back that night I was left to play a third hour. It really seemed like for those fleeting moments, nothing mattered or existed except the synergy between the music the people. It's a like a portal opens up and the rest of the world disappears when that happens.

<CN> Serious! Its a hard feeling to describe, but I know exactly what you mean.
And I'm sure the crowd felt the same. When that happens, and everyone is in unison...well... you just can't beat it!

Right... change of pace....
Top 3 items you never leave home for a party, without! (music kit not included!)
...I'm sure some of your fans will want to know!

<BF> Ear plugs (dodgy ears from years of drumming, DJing and partying !), snacks (I have to eat every few hours or tend to get hangry), ibuprofen (for the sometimes painful journey home)

<CN> I'm with you on the snacks and earplugs, 100%!!!
For those that don't know... explain the difference between your Ben Fraser and Sabretooth projects....

<BF> I use my Sabretooth moniker for my pure psy trance production (oh and I once released an experimental dubstep EP as well). Ben Fraser covers the rest - a blend of acid techno, acid trance and a touch of hard NRG. I haven't produced anything outside my Sabretooth sound for a few years now...but never say never. I'm still a die-hard acid techno fan at heart!

<CN> I'm sure! I think there will always be a few people that associate you with that sound, but I think its great to have a bit of diversity. Like you say...sometimes people can get too hung up on sub-genres!

What production projects have you got coming up, that the readers may be interested in?

<BF> Lot's of exciting stuff. I've almost completed a remix album which will feature some remixes of tracks by the likes of Sonic Species, Audiotec, Relativ, Djantrix and Mindbenderz. It's been lots of fun getting my hands on such incredible parts from such cool (and friendly) artists!

Otherwise, I have a solo EP due on Expo Records next year which will feature a fizzy, acidic daytime blaster called Turbo Encabulator and a remix of the master Ital...which I have yet to finish - hope I can do it justice

<CN> We're sure you can, Ben!
Thank you so much for speaking to us today. We can't wait to hear your set at Strange Daze 14th Birthday!!

Readers - check out the link to Sabretooth's soundcloud below to discover his sound and be sure to follow him on social media!

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