Watch 'So, which band is your boyfriend in?' live screening in London

The documentary sheds light upon gender inequality in the DIY music scene.

Henry Lewis

Date published: 21st Feb 2019

'So, which band is your boyfriend in?' is one documentary with 37 voices that takes a look at gender in the UK's DIY and underground music scenes, and more specifically the challenges that face women when attending gigs that they themselves are playing at.

Whether this is refusal to believe they are actually 'in the band' or a disbelief that women are able to play in bands, the documentary will cover it all through a series of interviews with female band members who have experienced these challenges first hand.

You can watch the full trailer for the documentary below.

With involvement from Safe Gigs For Women, the documentary will be premiering around International Women’s Day (Friday 8th March) with a special screening at the Monarch in Camden on Sunday 10th March - with all funds raised support the work of Safe Gigs for Women.

You can find tickets to the event below.

Tickets are no longer available for this event