Vessel No.9 Hits The High Notes With Safe Space For Women At Its Core

Vessel No.9 is the first London music cruise events company in the sector to offer a safe space for women on-board its maiden voyage.

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Date published: 8th Apr 2022

The core brand offering for Vessel No.9 is based around 80’s nostalgic funk soul over a 5-hour day cruise on the Thames in London. Communication of the ‘safe space for women’ aspect is found on the website, and via a print and digital advertising campaign, with a roll out to the social media arms planned to coincide with the coverage. To achieve the safety aspect, a robust three-point plan will be put in place. The maiden voyage is due to sail 1st May 2022 from a central London pier.

In the post-pandemic world people are engaging with the ‘experience economy,’ rather than choosing material goods to spend their disposable income on. Following Covid, an emotional bookmark has been etched into our brains leaving a distinct question mark over all of the things we thought we knew, and suddenly life wasn’t sticking with the script. According to Verywellmind, 79% of readers turned to music to help them cope during the pandemic.

The ethos of ‘look after yourself first’ does little to expose and address the real problems facing women today, which include drink spiking - care and connection does.’ Declaring and enforcing a safe space for female customers can only be a positive thing as cultures shift into event based arenas.

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