The first acts for East of Culture - Different Sounds 2018 unveiled!

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic are coming to Lublin, Poland in 2018!

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Date published: 2nd Mar 2018

The performer considered the greatest pioneer of funk music, a member of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a keyboardist, vocalist, singer, lyricist and music producer? George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic is one of the stars of this year's edition of East of Culture Different Sounds. The artist and his over 20-strong orchestra will give an exclusive concert in Poland.

In the world of music, the term 'living legend' tends to be overused, especially now, when every other young performer aspires to this title as soon as they release their first album. The list of the genuine legends and music icons is much shorter and George Clinton is definitely on this list.

Along with James Brown and Sly Stone (Sly and the Family Stone), he is considered the father and the major propagator of funk music. He is of course also known as the front man and founder of the cult bands Parliament and Funkadelic with whom he toured around the world.

He has released a number of bestselling albums (in the 1970s US alone he released a number of albums that one by one received gold and platinum awards and they include such important titles as 'Mothership Connection', 'One nation under a grove' or 'Uncle Jam wants you'.

Over the years, both Parliament and Funkadelic featured a number of excellent musicians, both vocalists and instrumentalists. The big names to mention include Maceo Parker, Eddie Hazel, the brothers Catfish or Glen and Bootsy Collins.

Funk music has always been the main driving force for Clinton and his bands, but at various points in his career the musician also explored such genres as acid jazz, soul, rnb or blues. In the 1960s, he also worked as a composer and songwriter for the legendary record label Motown during its heyday in Detroit.

When thinking about George Clinton, we cannot forget about the dozens of spectacular collaborations and special projects he was involved in. This list is truly impressive because the musician worked with such bands and stars as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primal Screams, Wu-Tang Clan, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Carlos Santana, Kendrick Lamar.

For instance, Red Hot Chili Pepers debut album, the famous Freaky Styley was produced precisely by Clinton. In the 90s, all the big American hip hop names invited him to collaborate with them on their projects: with Wu-Tang Clan he recorded 'Wolves', with Ice Cube 'Bop Gun', with Outcast 'Synthesizer' and with Tupac 'Can't C me' from the famous album 'All eyes on me'. One of Snoop Dogg's biggest hits, 'Who am I' is based on Clinton's cult number, 'Atomic Dog'. This list could go on.

In 1997, Clinton joined the ranks of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the most elite and prestigious music institution / museum in the world.

This multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, lyricist and the pioneer or P-Funk style will come to Lublin with his 20-strong ensemble to give an exclusive concert in Poland.

We will soon announce the next acts to perform at the turn of June / July in Lublin. Like every year, East of Culture ? Different Sounds will provide a diverse and original programme which crosses musical boundaries.

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