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The Ultimate Festival Checklist

From wellies to condoms, here's our definitive pre-festival checklist.

Mike Warburton

Last updated: 29th Mar 2017

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We've done a number of festival guides leading up to the summer, but none are more essential than this one - our Ultimate Festival Checklist.

OK so there might be a bit of hyperbole in play here, but with this list by your side, you'll be equipped for any eventuality - avoiding that awful moment when you arrive at the festival campsite and realise you've forgotten your cash, your tent or even worse, your alcohol. Have a look and see.

Toilet roll - Festivals aren't renowned for keeping their toilets stocked up and well maintained, so this is probably more important than anything else on the list.

Wellies - The original and best footwear for the habitual festival-goer, accept no substitute.

Ticket - Need we say more? If you've still not got yours, head to our Festival tickets section here.

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Booze - Boxes of wine are a winner, as are crates of beer, but don't bring any glass or you'll probably have to hand it over upon entry.

Tent - This comes after booze on the importance scale - with enough booze in your system it doesn't matter where you sleep. If however you'd like some guaranteed shelter from the rain and cold of an evening, pack a tent.

Spare tent pegs - They'll either just have magically vanished in the tent bag or they'll get kicked out by passing drunkards, either way, you'll almost certainly be missing some.

Warm/waterproof clothes - The nights can get cold even at the height of summer, and this being England, waterproofs are a must.

Sunscreen - There's usually not much shelter from the sun on festival sites, so if by some miracle you're treated to blaring sun all weekend, you will definitely need it.

Sunglasses - As above.


Photo: Leeds Festival

Paper cups - A necessity for mixing drinks, and if in the middle of the night you need to make a toilet trip but can't be bothered - hey presto.

Chairs - So easy to forget, but when your woken up earlier than you'd like and stuck waiting around for the festival to get into full swing, you'll be so glad you packed your chair.

Sleeping bag - Or a warm blanket.

Ambient food - Crisps, tins, bread, spreads, pork pies (to be avoided after day two).

Phone - And we highly recommend investing in a portable phone charger, Appliances Direct have a number of power banks you can use.

Baby wipes - The true festival-goer's alternative to showering.

Nothing too expensive - Stuff is bound to get broken, damaged or in extreme cases stolen, don't bring anything with you that you'd be heartbroken to lose.

Emergency contact numbers - In case of separation or injury, it's a sensible thing to have a few jotted down. Give a set to one of your friends as well.

Fancy Dress - Let's be honest, there isn't a better place to reinvent yourself than at a festival so make sure you've got some crazy outfits packed.


Photo: Bestival

Plastic cutlery - For if eating with fingers is beneath you.

Cash - Don't get ripped off by festival cash machines which usually incur a hefty fee.

Cordless Hair Straightners - Essential if you can't bear with the frizz and wonky curls your hair develops after a splash of rain.

Condoms - Play safe kids!

Rollmat - They're only thin but my God do they make a difference - with one of these you'll have the closest thing to a comfortable. nights sleep as is humanly possible.

Duct tape - Ideal for repairing holes in tents and a whole lot more.

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