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Subvert @ Revolution Review - Grum & Hannah Wants

Our Liverpool clubbing correspondent Jessica Heaton checks out the clubbing revolution underway on the city’s Albert Dock.

Jimmy Coultas

Date published: 14th Aug 2013

Known for its flashy, flamboyant personalities, champagne and VIP areas, footballers wives and soap stars, the Albert Docks isn’t somewhere automatically linked with credible DJ’s and great house nights. But all of this is starting change and we think it has something to do with Revolutions newest club night Subvert. Popping up six months ago, Subvert has already played host to Kissy Sell Out, Hoxton Whores and Utah Saints. With club nights happening the first Saturday of every month, August saw rising star Hannah Wants and Grum headline their latest event.

Hovering over the main dance area, Scottish DJ Grum had begun his Liverpool debut in a DJ booth that stood above the rest. Lifting the crowd with his light electro house and disco style, he warmed the crowd with a mixture of disco influenced tracks and catchy pop vocals. Shifting towards a stronger, bassier vibe, Grum played Scuba’s ‘Hardbody’ and his own remix of Kevin McKay’s ‘Body Talk’, delivering an agile and stomping finish to his early sugar coated openers.

Passing the decks over to Hannah Wants, the tempo created by Grum was continued in and the atmosphere was bustling as the crowd anticipated Hannah Want’s next track. Playing a bassy edit of the still gorgeous ‘I Still Love You’ from Switch and Andrea Martin, followed by adventures of Stevie V’s ‘Dirty Cash (Money Talks), there was a clear Garage and RnB influence throughout her set which was well received.

Wants increased her atmospheric ascent until she reached a comfortable level of murky basslines and warping electro synths that had one particular crowd at the front dancing to a different frequency altogether. Unleashing Sandro Silva & Quintino’s suitably titled ‘Epic’ a techier ultimatum was introduced which gave the heavy mass two options. Dance or admit defeat and go home.

Those who stuck with her witnessed Wants reverting to her own productions, namely the attention grabbing track ‘Dappy’ which flooded the dancefloor with a furious bassline that needed no introduction. Calming things slightly as she neared the end of her two hour stint, Clean Bandit’s ‘Nightingale’ (in Gorgon City remix form) was a charmer, drifting elegantly through the speakers and ending her set on a high.

Passing the decks over to Lewis Jardine, he continued the night with a sophisticated selection of deep house grooves and techy beats that had the dance floor energized until the early hours. Proving himself to be no beginner in this field, he moved from track to track fluidly with the likes of Martin Ikin’s ‘What you’ve done’ and ‘Girl’ by Steve Bone - two very hot summer tracks.

 A success for Subvert, and one that just goes to show what hidden gems are right there amongst a dock full of diamonds. It’s a night not to be looked over in the calendar, in fact one to put in it if you enjoy credible DJ’s and good music. Subvert offers all this without having to sacrifice sleek interiors, good toilets and keeping your heels and best frock on.