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Stereo Selections - Friday 9th October

From surprise EPs to unlikely collaborations, we've bunched up a quintet of tracks that have been flexing their muscles on our office stereo.

Ben Smith

Last updated: 12th Oct 2015

Image: Skepta 

Ahoy, it's Friday which means we've bagged up our weekly listening into an almighty playlist and picked out five tracks that have been touching our buttons this week.

We've even managed to reference 'the least Scouse Scouser of all time' if you read down the list, amongst a pebble dashing that includes some oven fresh grime, an unlikely collab, a surprise EP and an off-kilter electronic number. 

Skepta 'Top Boy'

Grime's man of the moment has dropped two and a half minutes of absolute heat which ramps up the excitement for his Konichiwa, still without a release date, album even more. 

In amongst the usual braggadocio lyrics he compares himself to Biggie and 2pac, and generally offers a chest thumping account of the healthy state of his music; man ain't lying.

Jimmy Coultas

Bill Ryder-Jones 'Two To Birkenhead'

If you saw the video of the Conservative member this week who's been branded 'the least Scouse Scouser of all time' then as you can imagine a song titled 'Two To Birkenhead' is quite the opposite. 

Bill certainly isn't hiding his roots in upcoming album West Kirby County Primary, an record primarily recorded in his childhood bedroom at his Mother's house due out on November 6th. The result, distinctly British overcast alt-rock that's really got Liverpool's music scene beating at the moment. 

Ben Smith

Antoine Rouge 'Dodging The Steamroller'

Timothy J. Fairplay's record labels are always a source of sublime oddball house and techno. Coming from a retro synth focused background that also focuses on the dancefloor, the latest release from Antoine Rouge, a David Cronenberg inspired alias of Fairplay's on Centurians of Rome fulfils that remit with absolute skill.

The fittingly named Eye of the Star Warrior EP ranges between unnerving, queasy listening and interstellar, stargazing anthems, the finest example of the latter being the practically flawless 'Dodging The Steamroller'.

With hints of acid amongst a heap of low budget, analogue synthesizers, 'Dodging The Steamroller' is an absorbing trip through time and space that shifts and changes through a range of melodies over its seven minute duration. It's absolute bliss - another stand out moment in Tim Fairplay's already mega producing career.

Mike Warburton

Glass Animals and Joey Bada$$ 'Lose Control' 

An unlikely allegiance between UK experimental band Glass Animals and Brooklyn-raised rapper Joey Bada$$. The collaboration came about around three months ago when Glass Animals discovered that Joey was a fan of their material. The result is a unique crossover piece with lashings of attitude.

The band's trademark instrumentals are not overpowered by Joey's bashing lyrics in 'Lose Control' and they've have clearly made no compromise for one of the biggest names in rap, but the track is all the better for it.

Becca Frankland

Gengahr 'Tired Eyes'

At the end of September, Gengahr dropped a surprise EP compromised of three songs that play out like an extension of their dreamy debut record... A Dream Outside. We've been lulling the office into a trance-like state with it ever since, but Stereo Selection stipulations suggest we can only pick out one track.

On title song 'Tired Eyes', the band worked with Nicholas Vernhes, a producer who's worked with Animal Collective, Deerhunter and The War On Drugs, credentials which seep through in this delightfully sinuous song with jigging bass chords that accentuate its nautical melodies. 


Pick out your favourite tracks from our Stereo Selections playlist to enhance your weekend listening