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Skiddle & Leeds University survey reveals positive impact of live music

The findings from our recently conducted, collaborative study with the University of Leeds highlight a positive correlation between attending live music events and the upkeep of our mental wellbeing

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 17th Dec 2020

Findings from a recent study commissioned by Skiddle with the University of Leeds, concerning the impacts of live music on our mental well being, have now been published. 

The survey, which included 392 participants, was undertaken at the start of the year prior to the introduction of COVID-19, and was set out to provide insight into how attending live music events affects our mental state and our ability to maintain a healthy state of mind.

Out of those that took part in the study, it was recorded that 97% felt positive during their most recently attended live music event, with a further 58% stating that this related to the positive impact of the experience on their wellbeing. 40% of the participants, who also described a positive experience from attending a live music event, explained that the atmosphere and social element of such an event was also responsible for a noticeable and beneficial change in their mental state.

One contributor of the survey stated:

“We were all on the same wavelength, singing and dancing. It’s a diverse crowd, but everyone was united in the moment.”

These findings clearly underline the significance of live music, showing it to be a hugely positive and important source for wellbeing. The social elements which have been highlighted, such as experiences shared amongst members of an audience, are irreplaceable and cannot be recreating in any other setting. 

Following the undertaking of this preliminary examination, Skiddle carried out another study in June 2020, a consumer confidence survey which looked in depth at the public's reaction to live music post COVID-19.

Adding further to the results of the commissioned report conducted by the University of Leeds, the consumer survey indicated that 80% of music fans would be ready to attend an event within three months of lockdown easing, with 70% declaring they were planning to attend both indoor and outdoor events after lockdown.

The consumers appetite for live music is evidently, very much still there, and with 2021 now just round the corner, that hunger is likely to continue to grow into the new year.

However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the UK's live music sector finds itself still out of action with no indication or guidance from any governing body as to when it can return. Thousands upon thousands of passionate and dedicated industry pro's are without work as swathes of venues and clubs continue to close their doors and the postponed festivals of 2020 nervously await to hear their fate. Leaving of all us, the fans without an outlet or place to interact with live music.

In response, Skiddle is now partnering with the NTIA (Night Time Industries Association), calling for urgent support for the night-time sector by the Government. The Government needs to recognise the wider importance of live music events and support their re-opening, as well as supporting behind-the-scenes jobs.

Music and live music events has the power to enlighten and feel more connected. Unfortunately, the Government do not consider it a ‘viable’ industry or acceptable form of leisure activity.

Skiddle has spoken to tens of thousands of customers and promoters on the phone. We understand their frustrations when events become postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19.

Now it is time for our leaders to listen.

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