Selective Hearing's Fifth Birthday Parties

Selective Hearing celebrate their fifth birthday by throwing parties in both Leeds and Manchester this month. We look ahead to those here.

Mike Warburton

Date published: 5th Mar 2015

Photo: Joey Anderson

Sharing their time between both Leeds and Manchester, the tireless Selective Hearing crew have really been taking the bull by the horns of late, running monthly shows in each city and perfecting their bookings to result in some reliably unmissable parties. To celebrate their milestone fifth birthday this month, Selective Hearing have once again delivered something special.

Part One Leeds March 7th

The first leg hits Wire in Leeds, and sees Avian boss Shifted take the limelight. With a three hour set in the offing, the master of stripped back, cerebral techno will take the Leeds revellers on a cosmic journey though stark industrial landscapes and visceral beats, displaying his ability to perplex whilst at the same time keep people moving (hear that in action above).

The always impressive Selective Hearing residents round off a wicked start to their birthday bonanza. Tickets are available here.

Part Two Manchester March 27th 

Round two lands at a secret Manchester location on March 27th, with New Jersey deep house and deep techno maverick Joey Anderson making his debut appearance in the city. As one of the most unique voices in electronic music at the moment, Joey Anderson has been busy mystifying us since he started producing back in 2011.

When Levon Vincent included two of his tracks on his now seminal Fabric mix CD, Joey Anderson's music became the talk of the underground community. Countless singles and a killer LP later, and he has embedded himself in the hearts and minds of a legion of fans, regularly delivering outstanding and original productions that could only have been conceived in his singular mind. Hear his latest release '1974' above to see what we mean.

Deep and raw techno obsessive Truncate also makes his Manchester debut in what will surely be one of Selective Hearing's finest Manchester shows yet. Get your tickets here.