Rubix First Birthday review @ The Garage, Liverpool

Jessica Heaton witnessed Rubix celebrating twelve months of parties in Liverpool with Leon; read here review here.

Jimmy Coultas

Date published: 25th Nov 2013

Image: Boss Night

Celebrating one year since their very first party, Rubix has graced the city since Liverpool promoters BOSS Night revealed their new clubbing brand. The past 12 months has seen Rubix host the likes of David Glass, Mark Fanciulli, Sébastien Léger and Shlomi Aber, so it’s fair to say they’ve had a very strong year, successfully grabbing the attention of Liverpool’s already bustling clubbing scene. This November Rubix upped their game with Hungarian house DJ Reelow and Italian born LEON playing the event, joining the faithful Rubix residents; Lee Charnock, Chris McGee, Phil Fearon and Tom Buck.

With warehouses in Liverpool at the peak of cool right now, Rubix decided to take this month’s party to The Garage on Greenland Street. Untouched, un-brushed, un-anything, The Garage doesn’t put on a fancy show with gimmicky decorations or a level floor. It’s a warehouse with a shit load of technical equipment and a bar that serves only vodka, beer or water. Keeping things simple, we like it. 

The night began with Liverpool DJ Tom Buck, whose lighter choices warmed the room up well. Passing the baton over to Chris McGee and Phil Fearon they continued the same energy, gradually building to a fuller more techno influenced sound. Lee Charnock took over the decks at midnight with Oliver $’ harmonious remix of Cherie Lee’s ‘Love Me or Leave Me’ (above). Progressing into a rawer, reverberating tech house sound, a marriage of rustling hand claps and steady synths echoed around the blank walls of the warehouse, seasoning the crowd with auditory euphoria.

A wave or anticipation swept through the mass as Reelow twisted the atmosphere into a hypnotic juncture. Tropical percussion, indigenous synths and deep vocals progressed divinely, responding to the crowds absorbing hunger for more. Heading into even more chunkier, harder soundscapes, the energy of his set was applauded as the power is passed into Leon’s grateful hands. Reducing the tempo slightly allowed the Italian DJ and producer to have a good run up as he underwent his mammoth set. Maintaining a strong presence, he blended his gritty selections with warm tunnelling beats that sent the throng into a melodic trance. 

The presence of promoters behind the DJ booth kept the atmosphere high, and with every teasing build up came a well-armed drop. Closing his set with New order’s incredible ‘Blue Monday’ (above, the reaction to this still a sight thirty years since its release), he passed the decks over to Reelow who drove the night through till 7am. Another great party from the guys behind Rubix who continue to deliver events with dynamic bookings, organic set-ups and a vibe that boils down to the passion behind the music they bring to Liverpool.

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