Review: Gilles Peterson @ Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

Darren Williams spends the evening in the company of Gilles Peterson and Phil Charnock, revealing his experience in the midst of drawing parallels with female TV hosts. Read his leftfield review.

Jimmy Coultas

Date published: 7th Mar 2014

Image: Gilles Peterson

Your reviewer here is 36 years old yet (so I'm told) looks closer to 28 years, and faced with the eternal question - engage in the naughtiness that only can be presented by Liverpool City Centre on a Friday night or think how MILF fantastic Kirsty Wark looks presenting 'Newsnight' on BBC Two?

luckily an option made the decision for me, with the understanding that a BBC Employee I've long admired was Dj'ing in the City - Gilles Peterson. He maybe not be be a MILF but is defiantly sexy on those Turntables. The thing that sealed the deal was Merseyside's version of DJ Harvey (who'll hate the comparison as he adores 'Our Lord of Los Angeles') - Phil Charnock.

Our accomplice for the celebration had recently turned 30, ensuring we were both having thoughts of moving into that Old People's Home with the only joy getting palpitations watching Rachel Riley on UK Daytime Television Gameshow - 'Countdown'. We entered the venue, that reminded of what Bruce Wayne's Batcave must be like a mixture of raw brick minimalism with high technology in the form of an a very compact yet not overblown Funktion One Sound System.

Unlike the mentioned fictional War-Room, the Shipping Forecast's Basement (entitled the Hold) has plenty of room to dance, yet moving it can only occur if the riddim is accurate and Phil Charnock delivered with typical brave selections -  all 'In Time' delivering joy to a clued-up audience, the venue Liverpool;s equivalent of the First Avenue nightclub from Prince's film extravaganza Purple Rain.

His offering swung from the low slung bass of Hannah Holland up to the Smith's 'Boy with the Thorn in his side;', taking in the shrill synths of Vakula's 'We Have Soul' and MAW's rework of Madonna's 'Erotica'. It all added to a flow of complete fun strangeness, rounded off by Johnnie Taylor's 'Cheaper To Keep Her Live' (above). So, on to Gilles Peterson. 

In all honesty it wasn't as good as previous offerings from the man, enough people seemed happy with it but it hadn't delivered in quite the same fashion as when I'd heard him before. It almost reminded us of his beloved Arsenal (Soccer Team) visit to Liverpool, earlier that month - in, that he attended but didn't show up unlike previous occasions we've raved to his sets. This wasn't a feeling shared by others, but he just didn't reach those levels of excellence like I know he can.

You could say it's evidence of that old age coming out, but we're still feeling the O.A.P Home can wait. Liverpool you gave us a great night.