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Paper Recordings behind new dance music documentary 'Northern Disco Lights'

Help fund a brand new documentary about the Norwegian disco scene.

Becca Frankland

Date published: 8th Apr 2016

Stationed almost as far north as the planet goes, Norway has been a surprisingly fertile ground for dance music over the years, particularly of a spacey disco variety.

It's given us productions talents like Todd Terje, Lindstrom and Rune Lindbaek, and now a new film has been made to spotlight the curious scene that has sprung from the snow capped fjords Northern Lights (watch the trailer above).

The film is from the bods at Paper Recordings and the production crew behind the fantastic Last Shop Standing records store documentary, and features insights from the likes of Greg Wilson, Idjut Boys and the Norwegians themselves.

It currently needs funding to help pay for the music licensing, and a Indiegogo campaign has been set up to help bring this story to the wider world. We've already pledged our backing, you can do the same here.

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