Natasha Watts interview: I believe in this album more than the first

Soulful songstress Natasha Watts spoke to us ahead of her dazzling forthcoming album '2nd Time Around'.

Ben Smith

Date published: 6th Apr 2016

Image: Natasha Watts 

Currently touring her forthcoming album '2nd Time Around', Natasha Watts name continues to accelerate across the soul spectrum in lights.

The super-talented singer/songwriter's acclaimed debut album was a mere planting of her capabilities and this next collection of modern soul supernovas will scope far further. 

Merging captivating slow burners and dance floor ready cuts, she posses a dexterity that not only piques live audiences but appeals to multiple outposts with influences of reggae, funk and jazz.  

With a number of influential and inspiring collaborations spread across the album, Natasha Watts is more than ready to build on her lauded debut and further her hit-heavy career.    

Your first album was widely regarded by many, how excited or even nervous are you to lift the lid on "2nd Time Around"?

No not really nervous because I believe in this album more than the first one, their were no expectations for the first time, so it was great to just had to deliver. This time round I knew what I wanted to achieve, I had so much more direction and I have to say I am so so proud of it!

What is it that informed your creativity when making the record?

I just take daily issues and write about them. I have no idea of how its going to work, I just write from the heart and hope that it touches people. I never know what or how I will get to the end result and most time I really can’t tell you how I got there.

Could you tell us about the recording the album, do you often nail your songs in a few takes or is it a longer process?

I went to Germany and spent a week writing and recording the new album. I try to be on point all the time, so most recordings take 1 hour at the most and the writing normally comes to me very quickly too.

Tell us about some of your collaborations. How did they come to light and which are you most excited about unveiling to us all?  

Oh wow, this album has been a dream come true, from the point of view that working with the amazing Omar has been on my bucket list forever. I have also worked with Dave Doyle, JD73 and also Richard Earnshaw produced some of the tracks including the duet with Omar.

I have been lucky enough to share the stage with Omar a few times, but I never thought I could have such an amazing track of my own with him.

It's described that 2nd Time Around delivers "dance floor cracking songs" and "very intimate slow jams". What was your thinking behind the contrast?

I wanted to make sure that their was something for everyone, I don’t want to be known as a 'one trick pony', everyone has different tastes and I want to make it so everyone will have a favourite track.


I love the fact that the dance floor will be filled by my music, as I have been waiting for a track of mine to get people on the floor.

It's mentioned on your website that "We don’t have that many female vocalists worth shouting about here in the UK". Do you think the boom of soulful vocals in dance music is helping to change that?

Oh yes, there are some amazing UK Soul/Soulful singers coming through, it 's a pleasure to see the scene's growth. I think the USA producers are now looking more towards the UK singers to work with.

Could you tell us something about the album that we perhaps wouldn't know?

I guess for me it’s just such an honour that I have managed to make another album and that I am able to continue doing what I love and that my supporters are still loving what I am doing. I never though I would deliver an album as good as this.

We seen that you drafted in Omar for the album launch tour, what else can we expect from the dates?

The music is tight, with over 17 tracks being performed, Omar was a bonus for London only, but he and I will be doing plenty more shows, so watch this space.

I cant wait to perform again this weekend in Manchester, Newcastle and then Birmingham. I had great support over the weekend from Colin Curtis and the Soul central guys vocals from Julie James and Simon schoolboy Phillips!

UK dates below:

Manchester - Band On The Wall, Friday 8th April 

Newcastle - Hoochie Coochie, Saturday 9th April

Birmingham - Hare and Hounds, Sunday 10th April