Introducing... The Going Out Podcast

Skiddle co-founder Rich Dyer joins Pippa and Georgia for the pilot episode of 'The Going Out Podcast'

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 7th Dec 2020

For Skiddle, 2020 has been, well... different. Alike everyone else, we've suffered during these strange, uncertain and quite frankly, miserable times. And yet, throughout this unprecedented period in human history, when the chips have been down and the outlook often bleak, the thought of one particular, collectively shared interest has kept all of our spirits high - Going out. (Hold tight people, better days are coming.)


As a company, Skiddle was built upon this common desire to socially interact. Whether at a sweaty gig down at the local independent music venue or at an all night rave in a club or warehouse, one thing is for certain - we're a nation of party loving, rave craving, music fanatics, who yearn for nothing more than the good times.


As the UK came out of lockdown 1.0, it became apparently clear that the reopening of said clubs, warehouses and music venues wasn’t on the governments list of priorities. Concerned by the lack of support, the Skiddle team found themselves discussing the consequences of the pandemic on the wider music community, speculating the damage on culture as a whole, whilst also reminiscing about the many treasured memories made on nights out. From these conversations spawned the idea for Skiddle's latest podcast feature series, aptly named - 'The Going Out Podcast'.


Focusing in on the experiences we encounter whilst out and about partying, podcast hosts Pippa and Georgia look to discover what influence, if any, interactions with new people, new music and new surroundings has on shaping who we are as individuals and our future, chosen paths. 


For our pilot episode, we invited co-founder of Skiddle, boss man Rich Dyer to share some of his favourite and most memorable stories.  Expect a round up of what nightlife was like for a teenager growing up in Carlisle, tales of befriending DJs at festivals and a few hazy recollections of times spent in some of the UK's most prominent clubs and venues.


You can catch the first episode of the podcast below. Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing guests and equally amazing stories in series 1.


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