Glitterbox @ Central Park review: a completely immersive experience

We sent Harvey Marwood to check out Glitterbox's event in Brighton's Central Park.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 17th Jun 2024

Known globally for its electric atmosphere and high-energy house music, last Saturday saw Glitterbox make its debut at the brand-new Central Park pop-up in Brighton to curate a day filled with high energy, dancing and great vibes all around. Having taken the world by storm with their unique hybridisation of disco, house and dance music events, Glitterbox now embarks on international tour dates, bringing the heart of Ibiza, where the brand originated, to cities around the world. Delivering that atmosphere this weekend to the South Coast, the day saw a packed lineup of four well-renowned house DJs catering to a whole range of age dynamics, with music played all day long from 2pm until darkness at 10pm. 

The brand new month-long pop-up venue has transformed the heart of Brighton into a pulsating epicentre of atmosphere and freedom. Glitterbox is the first of three music events over the next few weekends, with the space created initially as a fan zone for Euro 2024. With Sophie Lloyd, Derrick Carter, Alan Dixon and The Shapeshifters all coming through on the line-up to offload their high-octane, energy-infused dance sets, the location has been completely transformed into a brand new haven, one which offered all Brighton residents a few hours of escapism from the realities faced outside of the four temporary walls.

Despite it being a temporary pop-up, Central Park has been carefully designed and thoughtfully managed; intricate light displays and a great sound system boasted colour into the night as the day festival went on, delivering crystal-clear and bass fuelled audio that made every beat and melody resonate deeply with the audience, along with a wide range of bars, food stalls and seating areas to offload a three-sixty immersive venue. 

What Glitterbox have managed to achieve globally is nothing short of impressive, and one of the most notable aspects of their events is not only the enthusiastic and diverse crowd they attract, but the transformational atmosphere that they manage to create. With a wide variety of both teenagers and mid-generation personnel, the brand’s infectious energy had masses of the 2000-capacity venue dressed up in sparkles, sequins and drag attire to align with the ‘Glitterbox’ theme, with the borders around Central Park becoming a safe home for self-expression and musical freedom. 

Alan Dixon captivated the audience with his clever build-ups and song selection, the crowd was on his side at every note of bass and beat drop. Carefully selecting a variety of tracks that stood in the form of house remixes, his electrifying blend of deep, melodic beats and uplifting rhythms embodies the carefree spirit of the island. The combination of Ibiza house music, stage dancers and visuals took the crowd on a journey to the Balearic island for the day, where despite the cooler weather still allowed people to lose themselves in the music, dance with abandon and further celebrate the day with a glittering glory. 

Glitterbox at Central Park didn’t just stand as an average event for a whole variety of reasons. Testament to the organisers, the combination of the music, immersive aspects of venue design and set features contributed to a free-standing and enjoyable day that boasted freedom and creativity. Encapsulating the core values and spirit of Glitterbox which align with joy, inclusivity and unrestrained fun, the day event successfully brought a slice of Ibiza’s legendary nightlife to the diverse and welcoming City of Brighton, and those that went were left with memories that can be looked upon with satisfaction.



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