Filthy Dukes Fabriclive 48 Review

Filthy Dukes continue shaping the future of electronic indie on this latest Fabriclive album incorporating new disco and big room electro.

Kat Warburton

Date published: 9th Sep 2009

Filthy Dukes continue shaping the future of electronic indie on this latest Fabriclive album incorporating new disco and big room electro.
At first glimpse of the tracklist I muttered to myself  "oh well, nothing new here then". I would have thought there may have been one exclusive. No biggy, It still looked amazing!
The mix is perfectly set out. 
Starting with Emperor Machine's (I love these guys) take on Filthy Dukes popular track "This Rhythm" it quickly starts moving on into hip swaying indie disco until the track "Most Wanted" by Alan Braxe & Fred Falke and my favourite remix of Sebastien Tellier's track "Kilometer". This part of the mix you hear some sweet, sweet melodies that will remind you of the summer just gone.
The one thing I was suprised to see was "Serenity" (Noob remix) by Popof. It's not the sort of track you would hear half-way through such a go happy setlist having ending a set with it myself at 3 o'clock in the morning. Listening on I realised what the track had been used for. It does its job well at breaking the set up (you will know what I mean later). The following track is another morbid and vocal techno track - a remix by Vicenzo. I personally do not like this track but I suppose it does suit the last track very well indeed.
Right, straight from that into some electro, "Township Funk" do you? er, ok then! How about the new Noob & Brodinski track "Peanuts Club"? This will be huge this autumn.
What happens next is really quite amazing. All your favourite club tunes from over the years packed into a right tidy package. When the cd is released, especially listen out to the mixes from "Windowlicker" into Tiga's modern classic "What You Need" (Proxy remix), Filthy Dukes use a clever beatgrid effect with some swift crossfader action. It's oh so good when that familiar proxy bomb drops! The other one is Soulwax's remix of "Robot Rock" into Oizo's "Pourriture 7". You can tell this was rehearsed, maybe even a signature move at there club night "kill em all".
Jack Penate's "Tonight's Today". I would love to hear this track in a club especially the way it has been mixed in. In fact, I will be getting myself to London soon, as Filthy Dukes described Fabriclive 48 as "a representation of the ultimate kill em all night in one mix".
01 Filthy Dukes – This Rhythm [Emperor Machine Remix] – Fiction
02 Phenomenal Hand Clap Band - You'll Disappear - Tummy Touch
03 WhoMadeWho – The Plot [Discodeine Remix] – Gomma
04 Hockey – Learn To Lose [Filthy Dukes Remix] – Capitol
05 Sparks – Beat The Clock – Sparks/Gorgio Moroder Enterprise
06 Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Most Wanted - Vulture
07 Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer [Aeroplane Mix] – Lucky Number
08 80kidz - Miss Mars – KSR Corp
09 Filthy Dukes – Twenty Six Hundred [Album Version] – Fiction
10 POPOF – Serenity (Noob remix) – Form Music
11 Audio Soul Project - Reality Check (Vincenzo Remix) – Dessous
12 Mujava - Township Funk – This Is Music
13 Dataworx - Control (Original Mix) - Solarscape
14 Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club - Turbo
15 Joakim - Watermelon Bubblicious – Versatile
16 Zombie Nation - Worth It Part 1 – UKW Records
17 Aphex Twin – Windowlicker – Warp
18 Tiga – What You Need (Proxy Remix) – Different Recordings
19 Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Soulwax Remix) – Virgin
20 Mr Oizo - Pourriture 7 – Ed Banger
21 Jack Peρate - Tonight's Today – XL Recordings
22 Lifelike – Sequencer – Vulture
23 Filthy Dukes – Messages [Filthy Dukes Kill Em All Remix] – Fiction
UK release: 12th October 2009.
Bill Schwarz