Feminism is Fiesty & Sexy when Activist Strippers Throw a Party!

When women worldwide start off 2017 marching for their rights, you know the system is broken.A group of fiesty & sexy activists called the East London Strippers Collective are throwing their own club nights to shatter stigma.

Lorna Gray

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Last updated: 24th Jan 2017

With a series of global marches for women and Trump entering office, 2017 has got off to a shaky start for ladies and LGBTQ people. But its not all doom and gloom, as people become politicized, resistances are forming and making their voices heard. As a blogger and former exotic dancer who has over a decade of experience working around the world, I've been fascinated watching the new voices of feminism emerge.

The East London Strippers Collective have been making their voices heard for the past 2 years with a series of monthly parties, events and even a festival held in and around Shoreditch. Traditionally the life and soul of a VIP party, the ladies have decided to do it for themselves, with their own rules and in the style they dictate, not under the thumb of a middle-aged male manager.

The East London Strippers Collective are a group of dancers who aim to promote the self-organisation of strippers/lapdancers in London and the wider UK community, to challenge societal attitudes about strip club activity, and to bring about changes and improvements to working conditions at an industry level. Courting controversy as well garnering respect and admiration amongst the various subcultures of London they have grown in strength and number since being set up 2 years ago. A Channel 4 documentary on them became a runaway hit and reached the No.1 spot on 4OD.

Why not step into our shoes and become an activist for a night by challenging stigma whilst dancing with London's finest striptease and pole performers? Individuality, fancy dress and uniqueness are encouraged at all our events, so feel free to go wild....

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