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DJ Haus 'Burnin Up' Review

Jimmy Coultas gets to grips with the debut LP from the Rinse FM stalwart.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 17th Nov 2015

Image: DJ Haus

In amongst all Rinse FM's continued excellence powering through the underground, it's hard to pick out a single favourite or high point. One selector though who consistently pricks our ears is DJ Haus, whose debut long player sees a continuation of his immediate house grooves on Burnin Up.

For the most part it's contributed of the hazy acid soaked grooves that have underpinned those many DJ set high points, many tracks boasting an element which you lock into. Familiar mid nineties stabs set out single 'Higher', with the computer melodies on 'No More Lovin' enough to make it worth your time.

That said the sample points could be more refined, Housemaster Boyz' 'House Nation' is just about passable, what with the DJ's fondness for shout out style references to his own name, but Raw Silk's 'Do it to the Music' refrain on 'Hypnotizin' is tired; particularly for anyone who has listened to more than one Greg Wilson mix over the years.

When it hits though it does so with aplomb, notably on the way 'Eez Werkin' emerges into a classy Chicago jam from it's whirring acid tweaks and on the clear standout 'In My Mind', a perfect heads down groover. It's not a perfect collection, but neverthless a good snapshot of where the underground is at in 2015.

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