We are holding our event on the 7th October at Autumn Street Studios to raise money for a dear friend who was in a horrific car crash and has no help from the NHS and is need of a lot of help. We hope you can join us.

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Date published: 28th Sep 2017

We are raising money for a very dear friend -

Once upon a time in the enchanted land of Kimberly there dwelt a beautiful fire starting rainbow pixie. This captivating harlequin danced and twirled, entertained and amused the other magical beings that played and loved there. Sparks flew and flames burned.

He made wood sculptures in the shape of a giant heart, dangerously magnificent, and set them on fire to light the way. He walked on stilts across the land and in the dungeons. He lit the huge celebratory bonfires by shooting flaming arrows from lofty heights while dressed in flowing purple furs amongst the wanton revelers.

One day tragedy struck and this giant amongst men, this rainbow warrior, was in a traffic accident so bad he should have died. Most of his body was crushed and his brain was dashed upon the tarmac of the M11. Eons in hospital followed as he struggled to break the surface back into life but full recovery was not to be his. Although his body was partially pieced back together, his brain was left in fragments. The brain damage changed his personality and robbed his memory and he became difficult, petulant and angry as he tried to stitch his life back together.

A life of confusion followed, trying to remember the images and magical moments, of being part of a family of sparkly beings who had joyful gatherings and days of laughter. He started to fade physically and fade mentally, further and further from the fun and good fellowship of the tribe and he was almost forgotten.

Then a shining star called Twinkle tracked him down in an unremarkable room in a nursing home, still a young man, wheelchair bound, no longer able to care for himself, physically unable to join the party, lost in the depths of a profound and quiet loneliness This is our charming fire starting wizard today - not suitable for a psychiatric hospital nor the old people?s home, between the cracks, running out of light.

Nik is in desperate need of mental and physical assessments to find out what his needs are and to get the right treatment, having never been treated for his trauma from the crash 8 years ago, and ending up in the wrong care home for him. His family are unsupportive and have pretty much left him to it, not visiting and keeping his now 16 yr old daughter away from him. He has only been in a wheel chair for a year and is deteriorating due to poor nourishment, not receiving the right treatment, lack of love, and feeling so abandoned. We need funds to get him assessed properly privately, to fight his legal case, get him an unlocked iPhone so he can connect with the outside world again, a motorised wheelchair, transport to take him to and from swimming, and to and from the odd party where we want to rehabilitate him through connection and music...LOVE!

Nik is very with it, very funny... and brain damaged and paranoid. We need to get him out more, doing more 'normal' things and help him build a new life outside the care home.

Please help us get him the help and support he needs, and the compensation he deserves, so we can give him a LIFE worth living! Thank you.

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