Allusondrugs + Fizzy Blood + I Set The Sea On Fire at The Leadmill review

George Dove swooped in on a stacked roster headed by Allusondrugs with Fizzy Blood and I Set The Sea On Fire close behind.

Ben Smith

Date published: 14th Dec 2015

Image: Allusondrugs 

It was a very cold, very wet Saturday night in Steel City when the tinsel-clad Leadmill played host to a formidable night of Yorkshire-bred talent, headlined by the much hyped Allusondrugs.

The night showcased a roster of exciting bands on the up that drew fans in from as far as Scotland looking to hone in on the high octane spread.

Native five-piece I Set The Sea On Fire quickly got the crowd going with the pulsing energy of single 'Monsters'. Industrious in eclecticism, they took their home town on a journey with big hitting riffs, pounding bass and seamlessly integrated flute melodies.

Much to the dismay of their fans, the Sheffield band’s set was cut a song short, but nonetheless they finished on a soaring high with latest cut 'Tastes Like Funk' taken from the band's forthcoming album (listen in below).

A quick stage change later and Fizzy Blood emerged, fresh from a week of recording new material in Liverpool.

The Leeds based five-piece brought boundless energy that flooded the on-looking crowd: microphone stands fell, front monitors headed into the stage floor and guitarist Paul soon followed to enter the eye of the mosh pit.

Still rooted to the ruckus, the final chorus and outro of hit 'January Sun' (listen below) were strung from the middle of the crowd, who duly went wild in pursuit of an encore. 

The call for more insatiably passionate rock was obliged when Allusondrugs poured their euphoric psychedelia onto the dance floor of the former workhouse.

Playing their self-titled EP in full and new tune 'Sister' which they've only “played live a few times”, the band exercised a set list that scaled their inventory.

Even in its infancy, the new hits sounded as immediate and heartfelt as the material their rapidly growing fan base adore. With lighting to match the EPs candy floss colours, it was the flawless delivery of single 'Am I Weird' (listen above) that stole the night and brought the house down.  

On a night where boundaries were broken, memories made and new fans drawn in, confidence in new music was to be found in abundance.

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