Alex Cameron and Jack Ladder review at Arts Club, Liverpool

Georgia Turnbull was on hand in Liverpool to witness an 'unmissable experience'.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 19th Apr 2018

Image: Alex Cameron (credit)

It’s hard to really put into words the sound and aesthetic of Alex Cameron. It’s completely different to anything around in the music scene right now, a refreshing and dark sense of humour wrapped up in a leather jacket. After supporting the Killers and releasing Forced Witness last year, any newcomers  wouldn’t know what to expect from an Alex Cameron live experience.


Support act (and guitarist in Cameron’s band) Jack Ladder was an indication of what was to come. A simple set up of one man and his guitar would make you think this is going to be a simple acoustic set, but Jack Ladder adds his own dark and surreal sense of humour to the proceedings. With a powerful voice, a Twin Peaks-esque karaoke backing track, a song about kidnapping as well as Iggy Pop’s ‘Shades’, the audience is essentially transported into the beautiful, intriguing land of Alex Cameron and co.

The band for Alex Cameron seem extensive in comparison to Jack Ladder’s one man set, and they certainly delivered. Alex Cameron and his band follow the same vibe Jack Ladder had previously, the kind of band you’d see cameo in a David Lynch movie, but as a listener you’re completely engrossed.

With hit songs such as 'Candy Mae' and 'Marlon Brando' during the encore, Alex Cameron and his band delivered a tight rhythm sound, eerie synth sounds and some seriously enviable dance moves. Another element that made the gig unique was the contribution of Roy Molloy, the amazing saxophone player who Alex said had his mic removed from him.

He has the mic for a few minutes, for Roy Molloy’s Stool Reviews. This segment of the show was surreal, hilarious and definitely one of the highlights of the entire night. Once you’ve seen an Alex Cameron show, you need to go again, it’s certainly an unmissable experience.