5 Facts, 5 Tracks: Koherent by Data Transmission

DATA TRANSMISSION interviews KOHERENT December,4, 2019 Having been named as one of UKF?s ?Ones To Watch for 2018?, the Koherent alias comes from two of the brightest up and coming drum & bass producers in the UK.

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Josh and Luke both have a background in Drum & Bass production which is clearly heard in their music. The duo first began working together during their time in Leeds. Since then they have been picked out by Friction for their debut release on his SGN:LTD imprint. They have shown versatility in their production from rolling dancefloor to liquid soul vibes.

Koherent?s crisp style of production is creating a buzz throughout the scene, having already gained support from Noisia, Hyroglifics, London Elektricity and Radio 1 to name a few.

Alongside their productions in the studio, they are experienced behind the decks having played many DJ sets across the UK with their quick-switching approach to mixing.

Joining the Shogun Audio family with their debut EP ?Turning Point? in 2019, was exactly that for the duo? The future is bright for Koherent as they continue to become a familiar name in the drum and bass community.

With their latest offering ?Mixed Signals? which features Jaevon being chosen for Shogun?s 15 Years of compilation we thought it was high time, we got to know these guys a bit better! Check out ?Mixed Signals? below and grab 15 Years of Shogun Audio album from here

5 Facts:

The name Koherent came from a painfully long day at the pub together with name generators and thesauruses at hand?Koherent was actually one of the earliest suggestions, with shocking names such as ?Jah? filling up the rest of the day.

Friction and the Shogun team suggested we become a duo before that Luke was Precision and Josh was Subdivision. Rewind even further back and Luke had a hilarious EDM alias FriskyNippa (go on? we dare you!)

We met each other through a job interview Luke had at a company Josh worked for ? what we hadn?t realised at the time was that we were already in regular conversation on a dnb forum site!

Josh grew up in Nottinghamshire in the next village from where fellow Shogun buddy Ed:it grew up. This is strange considering we only realised this recently!

Luke has a phobia of large buckets filled with mayonnaise (please don?t start bringing them to raves)

5 Tracks:

Boddika & Joy Orbison ? Mercy (Boddika VIP) [Josh]

For us, it?s very important to listen to music outside of D&B to influence & inspire our music.

This track is simply one of the most powerful tunes I?ve ever heard out in a club. I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard it. It hugely influenced my formative days of venturing into heavier beats.

It?s a masterclass in creating huge depth of sound with very few elements, with its raw menacing nature capturing the vibe of perfect imperfections. It also contains possibly my favourite breakdown in any piece of electronic music.

Gang Starr ? JFK2Lax (Luke)

I remember hearing JFK2Lax in a Federal BMX edit towards the end of secondary school. It was the first time I had heard a chilled out boom bap styled hip hop track contrary to the likes of Gangster rap that was popular at the time.

Guru with his slow steady flow and thought provoking lyrics alongside DJ Premiere providing playful bouncy beats. This is still one of my favourite musical combos to ever happen.

This track also got me listening to the rest of the album ?Moment of Truth? which is my favourite album of all time, birthed my love for hip hop and introduced me to the concept of sampling music.

Arkaik ? Special Place (Josh)

We remembered hearing this tune for the first time as an unnamed dub in a mix ? and both of our jaws collectively hit the floor.

This ripper manages to combine savage 808?s and intricate minimalism ? along with a unique set of transitions to boot.

It?s been ever-present in our sets since we managed to get our hands on it.

Emperor ? Control (Luke)

This one?s a straight-up banger. I will always remember it because it was the first time I heard a track driven by just a sub and some drums on a decent sound system.

I feel like if you?re into weighty, sub driven music it will have almost always spawned from an experience like this.

The slow glide on the sub coupled with that ?Achoo!? Vocal sample always guarantees a proper WTF moment on the dancefloor which I feel has heavily influenced me and Josh?s darker tracks.

Alix Perez ? Forsaken (Luke & Josh)

The track is one that both of us remember as a personal turning point for liquid D&B.

The sampling is esquisite, the vocals are iconic and the drums are refined ? all culminating in a track that oozes melancholy and sits high on the list classics in the genre.

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