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Sik Beats Interview with DJ Lex ZeAgent

Read Sik Beats interview with Manchester DJ Lex ZeAgent ahead of his next gig House Party on Friday 1.11.13

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Date published: 20th Oct 2013

First interview from Sik Beats comes from Lex ZeAgent, co-owner of Erogenous, resident at Erogenous and Bounced Up Radio. Sik Beats is pleased to share Lex's views on Manchester dance scene, dance music now and aspirations for this quality night going forward. Its an exciting time for Manchester dance scene and this guy is integral to what's happening. Enjoy the interview guys .... Hi Lex. Thanks for giving me your time at a busy period for you. Just to start, can you give me a precis of how you have come to this point n your DJ career? At the age of 9, i had my first twin deck record player with a microphone on which i used to play Altered Images and Toyah. A t 13, just as house music was hitting the UK from Chicago, my friend and i bought proper seperates, decks and graphic and amp, and also a keyboard that had a wow wow. We had endless fun with making strange new sounds, but it's that point that i first started to figure out how to mix vynil records together. At 17 another friend and I had 3 1210's and I used to play acid house on stage at college during lunch breaks, besides making mix tapes and selling them for a fiver. Since then I've played a few house parties, and a couple of bars, but never really taken it seriously, so up until last year, it's just been a hobby. Over the past few years, my friend Vin Ess (Gav Sowerby) and I have discovered we have the same tastes and wants, and we bounce off each other, and fortunately circumstances have led us to take it to a professional level. So why is minimal tech your preferred dance genre? My favourite style of music is tech house and minimal techno, simply because it's always moving and has an edge, new sounds constantly, and much smoother melodies and vibes. Who are usual musical influences past and present? Stereo Express, Kaiserdisco, Dousk, Umek, Stefano Noferini, Wehbba, Pirupa, Louie Cut, Pleasurekraft, Hanne & Lore, Butch, Wanklemut, Andrea Roma. I'm really into European sounds with unusual instruments... What is you favourite track of all time? I have a lot of favourite tracks - my current favourite track is Look Good Tonight by Dousk. What is your view on the Manchester scene today? If anything, what is missing? Manchester dance scene died many years ago. Personally I think it's missing underground and i don't think it will come back. Why Erogenous and what are your aspirations for the brand? My inspiration for Erogenous came from an event in Belgium called Thé Dansant ... very sexy intelligent vibe. My aspiration for Erogenous is that it will bring etiquette and finesse to the Manchester scene. We want to be very specific on our sound and the type of people we attract. Anyone can play commercial music that appeals to the masses, but tech/minimal techno is called intelligent music because the average person doesn't get it, so although our audience may be smaller, we will ensure that we attract only the best behaved people to our events and therefore create a much better atmosphere. So where will Sik Beats find you partying? I party in Belgium. My favourite venues include Wouterbron Maaseik and Lakeside Chateau. Sound. What are your personal aspirations for the remainder of 2013? My personal aspirations for the remainder of 2013 is to establish Erogenous on the music scene, and build coalitions with other quality nights. We want to bring intelligent and quality nights and tunes to the dance audience. Finally can we expect any track production from you? I've already produced a few tracks myself, but for the future, all i will say is, stay posted....... Thanks for your time in a very busy period for you. Sik Beats will be supporting and watching avidly!! Catch you soon x

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