Rock en Seine Festival (Paris) News & Line-up

The line-up for Rock en Seine includes Oasis, The Prodigy, Faith No More, MGMT, Amy Macdonald Madness & Vampire Weekend.

Kat Warburton

Date published: 22nd Jun 2009

Rock en Seine Festival takes place on Fri 28th, Sat 29th and Sunday 30th of August. 3 days, more than 40 shows all happening at Domaine national de Saint‐Cloud – Just outside Paris France.
After months of anticipation, Rock en Seine is finally here. There bill is something to be proud of and we know you're gonna love it too. 
August 28th
August 29th August 30th  
Additional extras that the festival have organised at Rock en Seine are;  
Rockfolio An exhibition of photography about rock music. This year, the French photographer Robin is the guest. His collection, Lift’in has been realized since 2004 in the television studio of a French canal, Canal +. Every week, Robin took picture of international stars (Björk, Placebo, Radiohead, REM, Depeche Mode…), all invited to the famous tv show, L’Album de la semaine. The result is a large range of pictures all taken at the same place, but in a different atmosphere: amazing!  
Les Avant Seine With « Les Avant Seine », Rock en Seine want to promote the local scene. Six bands are selected by a jury (during the year, they attended gigs in order to discover the new talents from Paris) to play on the stage of Rock en Seine. They become integrated to the official schedule, in order to get a big opportunity to catch new public. The six bands “Avant Seine” in 2009 are:
HINDI ZAHRA                                                                                           JIL IS LUCKY                                                                                     GUSH                                                                                                LILLY WOOD AND THE PRICK                                      CHEVEU                                                                                              TATIANAS                                                                                           
Mini Rock en Seine A festival for children! The Mini Rock en Seine is a festival only for children. The entrance is free, and it’s limited to children from 6 to 10. A program of gigs is planned, and some activities are proposed to children (guitar learning, graphic design, dance)
For more information and tickets go to the Rock en Seine website;

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