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Help Liverpool's nightlife by backing Constellations

Have a positive impact on the future of Liverpool's music scene by getting involved with the Constellations crowdfunder.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 31st Aug 2018

Image: Constellations (source)

The ever-changing landscape of music venues presents a number of problems for your music fan. Whilst the shifting locations provide a degree of excitement as venues fall in and out of favour, closures rob us of safe and dynamic spaces to enjoy the music we love.

Which makes opportunities to positively impact on this more and more rewarding. Liverpool's Constellations, who have helped spearhead the revival in the city's Baltic triangle, is one venue set to close. But rather than the doom and gloom which usually accompanies these announcements they have set up plans to transform another space, Hinterlands, into a multi-purpose venue of similar standing and renown.

They've started a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the move, with a number of rewards for those looking to invest in their vision of Liverpool's venue scene. Rewards for the pledges include exclusive access to parties at the venues, your name being enshrined on a living wall made of plants and glossy books about Constellations, and the Baltic at large's, history.

More importantly, you can get behind a positive move for Liverpool's music culture. To find out more about the Constellations Kickstarter and to make your pledge, head here.