Electric Six are heading for Hole In The Roof in Kent on UK tour

Danger, Danger, High Voltage!... Tickets are selling fast.

Ben Smith

Date published: 20th Oct 2016

Image: Electric Six 

Yes, you will remember Electric Six from 2003 when the Detroit six-piece entered the charts with outrageous anthem 'Danger, High Voltage!' featuring Jack White on backing vocals. 

It arrived on their debut record Fire - alongside 'Gay Bar' - and still to do this day they continue to frazzle the live stage with a highly charged brew of disco, punk rock and everything in between. 

This is evidenced by their latest LP Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres, the record that will aid their parodical navigation to Hole In The Roof in Deal on Sunday 6th November supported by WE-R-Z

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Tickets are no longer available for this event