ATP's Summer Festival Line-ups Get Bigger And Better

Deerhunter pick Steve Reich, TV On The Radio pick Death Grips + more for new ATP festivals

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Date published: 13th Mar 2013

As the grey pall of winter receeds, and as spring inevitably and inexorably turns into summer, the world famous All Tomorrow's Parties music festival team are bursting with pride as they present to you, dear music lovers, yet more acts for the weekenders curated and headlined by TV On The Radio and Deerhunter.


Weekend 1: ATP Curated by TV On The Radio - May 10th - 12th
Straight outta the commotion of Brooklyn, and consequently responsible for some of the most mind-blowing, genre-exploding music of the last decade, ATP are giddy with excitement to invite TV On The Radio to curate and headline the first of 2013 holiday camp weekends. Their event takes place at the luxurious surroundings* of Pontins, Camber Sands, which provide not only solid walls, beds and a working toilets, but also hot and cold running water, and this particular instance will take place from Friday 10th - Sunday 12th May 2013. Here is the third set of additions to the its-so-exciting-you'll-want-to-grab-a-spare-pair-of-underwear event as picked by the band:





Tickets are on sale now via this link!


Weekend 2: ATP Curated by Deerhunter – June
Busting loose from the former jewel of the southern crown of Atlanta, Deerhunter have been one of the most exciting up and coming bands in rock music in the last decade with each of their albums helping to build an almost scarily dedicated fanbase, who, if they get their lives in order, will have the rare opportunity to hear a number of their albums played in full. Once again, the event takes place at the aforementioned sublime facilities** of Pontins, Camber Sands from Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd June 2013 and we are very excited to have them curate and headline.
We can now confirm more additions picked by Deerhunter for their line-up - headed up by a legend of modern composition:



Steve Reich will present a number of his classic compositions including Clapping Music, Electric Counterpoint, and more.

Tickets are on sale now via this link!
This is not your average hippie, cider fuelled tent-city mud fest with their mishmash of acts, and a - frankly - shocking lack of modern personal hygiene. Nor is it anything to do with the coenzyme used as an energy transfer mechanism in all known metabolic processes on this planet. What it is, and what makes it unique, is that the curators headline and choose the rest of the 35 band bill playing across their respective events on the venue's well-watered and most excellent indoor stages which just happen to feature award winning sound, and when the final bands' fingers are blistered and/or bleeding, you can kick on into the night with DJs until late, until that too finishes up, at which point you can stumble the short distance back to your chalet, take in some classic movies in the cinema or from the comfort of your chalet the next morning as you curse your favourite alcoholic beverage, then get re-involved in general shenanigans all over again, and much, much more! No other festival experience on this planet gives you all this within a short hop from the metropolis of ruddy London.
Tickets include accommodation in the aforementioned private apartments for you and your friends, but to save on too much randomness, tickets must be booked in groups of 4-7 people. If you cannot muster enough people to fill a whole chalet, see below for chalet share details.
Tickets for ATP's 2013 UK events priced at £180 per person including festival entry + accommodation are on sale now via this link!

If you wish to share the love, but can't find four people to fill a chalet, you can now buy a shiny pair of tickets, and we can match you up with another pair to share a chalet. Some (unforced) testimony from previous (unpaid) chalet sharers:
"My boyfriend and I shared a chalet with two awesome ladies and had a blast! We came from the states, so it was a great way to meet new people and hang out." - Susan
"I hardly knew any of the guys I shared with at Shellac ATP, but loved the atmosphere. It actually turned out to be better than sharing with friends, and I'll surely be in touch with them for future gigs and festivals." - Grazia
"I met my friend Jeffrey through chalet-sharing at ATP. We had a great time, now deliberately share, and are basically related as a result. I've since introduced Jeffrey to another friend of mine; and now they're married. So it could be argued that chalet-sharing is responsible for two new families." - Derrick

For full details see the following links:

TV On The Radio Chalet Share >>

Deerhunter Chalet Share >>

Amazing things do happen. People meet, share their love of once-in-a-lifetime live music, get their drank on, rock out, and, occassionally, have been known to hook up and even bump uglies. Until their chalet mates come home a little earlier than they expected, and everyone gets to have a good chuckle about it the next morning. Rinse, Repeat.
TV On The Radio. Deerhunter. Their friends who play in bands too. They're all going to go off like a frog in a sock***.
Tickets On Sale Now.

* Whilst Pontins itself is getting along in years, the area surrounding it can, however, be construed as quite luxurious. Especially the beach part.
** Look - its obviously not Club Med. We'd like to point this out. Please service your sarcasm meter, and re-read.
*** ATP does not condone the use of feet accessories to traumatise frogs or any amphibians. Other than cane toads, which are evil beyond compare. Anyway, it was supposed to be a simile - not an instruction. Please don't report us to PETA. They are far too intense.

Tickets are no longer available for this event